The wireless system “Smart car” BeConnected


A unique ecosystem that takes care of your car.

BeConnected is a compact unit that monitors the functions of a car and responds to possible dangerous situations.

If BeConnected detects a malfunction or violation, it will immediately notify you about it by sending a message to your phone and help prevent possible problems. Make your car smart with BeConnected.

Be connected – Be smart

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Our partnership with Benish GPS will allow us to work together to make car insurance services more accessible and comfortable for customers. You can be sure of the safety and safety of your own car!
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Built-in 4G Wi-Fi router
simultaneous support for up to 20 units
integrated multimedia content
monitoring of traffic consumption
determining location
viewing movement path
geofences and control of their intersection
reaction to sudden braking and acceleration
fixing impacts / collisions
notification of dangerous maneuvers
monitoring of exceeding the specified speed limits
notification in cases of potential threats
automatic notification of the service center about problems
monitoring of joint vehicles and driver behavior
compact dimensions of the unit
built-in GPS, GSM modules
collecting data on the operation of car systems via the OBD II connector
an accident report from a 3D accelerometer
monitoring the level of charge of a car battery
diagnostics and decoding of DTC errors
easy installation with an OBD connection
data backup
low energy consumption
What is controlled by it  
engine speed
DTC messages
fuel consumption
speed limits
Fixing an accident
notification of an upcoming maintenance
coolant temperature
car mileage
fixing sabotage attempts