The calmness of Jaguar and Land Rover car owners

JLR Trackstar is the only car tracking system approved by Jaguar Land Rover.
protection in Ukraine and abroad
years of warranty
regular monitoring every 20 seconds
The calmness of Jaguar and Land Rover car owners

Modern GPS / GSM technologies and a built-in motion sensor allow you to quickly find and return the car in case of theft.

Your comfort and car safety are our top priorities.

JLR Trackstar
Remote blocking of car movement
Remote blocking of car movement
Automatic activation of the security mode
Automatic activation of the security mode
24/7 Dispatch center support
24/7 Dispatch center support
"Service" and "Transport" mode
Service outside Ukraine
Service outside Ukraine
events to which the system responds See more
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Installation from the manufacturer (В чем сила) (Jaguar / LandRover)
Installation from the manufacturer
  • When leaving the interior, your car is already equipped with a certified security system.
Countering hijacking (В чем сила) (Jaguar / LandRover)
Countering hijacking
  • The telematics unit registers the movement of a car and allows you to block its movement when a threat is confirmed.
Instant police response (В чем сила) (Jaguar / LandRover)
Instant police response
  • In case of car hijacking, the operator of the Dispatch Center quickly informs the police and the owner about an incident.
Round-the-clock support of the Dispatch Center (В чем сила) (Jaguar / LandRover)
Round-the-clock support of the Dispatch Center
  • You can always contact the DC operator in case of a threat to the safety of a car and passengers.
Protection without borders (В чем сила) (Jaguar / LandRover)
Protection without borders
  • The anti-hijack car system operates in 30 countries without additional roaming activation.

Fixation of a fact of disappearance of a car. The anti-hijack system sends an alarm to the Dispatch Center operator.


Determining the location of a car. The unit records coordinates, speed and direction of movement of a car.


Contact with the police. The Dispatch Center operator blocks movement of a car and provides the police patrol with all the monitoring data.


Return of a stolen car. When a car is under police control, the customer is informed and given the necessary information to evacuate a car.

Dispatch center

Operators of the Benish GPS Dispatch Center monitor alarms from the satellite system online around the clock.

They instantly inform the car owner in case of a dangerous situation. Upon confirmation of the threat, the operator is authorized to call the police to the location of the car.

Always in touch:
380 44 490 66 88

No exceptions


Instant response in case of:

  • unauthorized ignition
  • vehicle movements with the ignition off
  • disconnecting the battery or security system
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JLR Trackstar

JLR Trackstar Advance

Automatic switching on/off of the security mode after switching off the ignition
Monitoring of telematics unit signals
24/7 Dispatch Center support and assistance in emergency situations
Enabling / disabling the “Service” and “Transportation” modes
Possibility of remote blocking of a car movement
Regular automatic diagnostics of the technical condition of the system
Fixing the movement of a car when the ignition is switched off
Notification in case of disconnection of a car battery
Maintenance of the system outside of Ukraine without additional activation of roaming
Driver identification using proximity tags
Blocking the engine start in the absence of a label
What it reacts to   
Unauthorized attempt to turn on the ignition of the car
Vehicle movement with ignition off
Disconnecting the battery
Attempt to hack the telematics system
Missing the Driver Cards mark
Informing about the ignition on/off
Response in case of loss of the GPS signal
Fixing the movement of a car with the ignition off