Protection of all types of transport and GPS monitoring according to the highest standards. Personal car or corporate, employees' control or additional cargo protection - Benish GPS has a professional solution for any task.
Satellite security systems are the maximum car protection against theft. They identify the treat and immediately inform the car owner and the Dispatch Center. 24/7 online control, individual approach and instant response. Your car deserves reliable protection.
Detailed history of movements, duration of stops and length of the halts, deviations from routes, fuel consumption, and dangerous maneuvers—now, all the information is simply in your smartphone and computer. GPS monitoring is an intelligent tool for optimizing business processes. Improve fleet efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
Personal and vehicle trackers are an easy way to monitor the situation and to respond quickly in an emergency. They allow you to accurately determine the location and to provide communication support in the event of a danger. This is a convenient control of the staff and concern for the safety of children and the elderly.
We have combined a mechanical lock, a satellite, and a communication system so that you do not have to worry about warehouse, store, or shipping. This is a reliable guard who will instantly report an attempt to open or to damage the lock and always provide clear coordinates where it is.
Reducing the risk of car theft is the main goal of satellite security systems. Benish GUARD is quality equipment, full control, and reliable protection. These are only the best solutions for professional car security.
Benish GPS provides services for OEM satellite systems installed by Porsche and Jaguar Land Rover. The only official protection—the only official service provider in Ukraine.
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Records the opening and closing time of the lock
Sends GPS coordinates in case of threat registration
Controls the movement by means of communication with the satellite
Responds to unauthorized opening attempts
Notifies about a sharp increase in temperature and vibrations
Allows you to configure the frequency of data transmission
It works autonomously for 42 days thanks to low power consumption
Registers an external impact (impact or lighting in the dark)
What is controlled by it  
The trajectory of movement
Geofences and their intersection
Opening and closing times
Unauthorized actions