Personal tracker BeniFone

Security and control in one device. The portable satellite system provides complex monitoring, voice communication and alarm notification. Both for corporate solution, and for caring for relatives.
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Personal tracker BeniFone

Online location monitoring
Online location monitoring
Two-way voice communication
Two-way voice communication
SOS button for immediate notification of an alarm
SOS button for immediate notification of an alarm
Geofence support
Geofence support
Transmitting coordinates in case of a threat
Transmitting coordinates in case of a threat
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5 undeffinite advantages of BeniFone
For business and for family (В чем сила) (BeniFone)
For business and for family
  • The personal tracker is suitable for any monitoring. You do not need to constantly check when employees come to work and whether a child has returned from school on time. BeniFone by itself records and provides the necessary information.
Emergency communication (В чем сила) (BeniFone)
Emergency communication
  • One click on the alarm button – and trusted persons will immediately receive a message about the threat. The tracker sends clear GPS coordinates so that help arrives as quickly as possible.
Control in Ukraine and abroad (В чем сила) (BeniFone)
Control in Ukraine and abroad
  • If you are planning a trip abroad, a child goes on vacation with friends for the first time or an employee goes on a business trip, the tracker is the security. There are no borders for BeniFone.
Personal settings (В чем сила) (BeniFone)
Personal settings
  • Pre-program the necessary phone numbers and all important calls with one click
  • Convenient for work
  • Easy for children and the elderly
  • Fast in case of a threat
Everything is on the smartphone (В чем сила) (BeniFone)
Everything is on the smartphone
  • You open the mobile application – and all the information is clearly visible. Coordinates of an unlimited number of units, time of stay, geofence settings. Effective control without additional complications.
How does it work?

All you need for personal GPS monitoring is just a tracker and a smartphone.


You can immediately program the necessary numbers for each individual button. This will provide instant communication and immediate response in the event of a threat to life or health.


When the SOS button is pressed, the tracker transmits an alarm message with coordinates to a pre-determined mobile phone.


When the battery charge decreases, BeniFone will notify you about it using SMS messages.

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BeniFone tracker service
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Roaming service
Solution for travel abroad
Тепер ви будете в курсі подій першими!


How does it help?  
Children go to school or hobby groups on their own
Your wife or you come home late from work
Low level of organization in the team
Employees use working hours irrationally
A sharp increase in crimes in your area
Elderly people of your family need additional support and protection
You are planning a trip abroad and are worrying about safety
Online location monitoring
SOS button for immediate notification of an alarm on a smartphone
Two-way voice communication
Speed dial buttons
Saving navigation data in the non-volatile memory of a personal tracker
Geofence support
Online access for monitoring the unit
Notification in case of a decrease in charge
Personal tracker key lock
Long-term operation of a tracker thanks to low power consumption
Recording the time of visiting checkpoints
Recording the movement path
Transmitting coordinates in case of a threat