Porsche Car Connect security system

Reliable protection of your car. The regular satellite complex has been installed at the manufacturer since 2013.
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Porsche Car Connect security system

Professional protection, remote control and round-the-clock connection with the car. Dispatching control and response to unauthorized situations 24/7.

Since 2017 Benish GPS is the national service provider of Porsche Car Connect in Ukraine. Taking care of your safety and comfort is the most important task for us.

PCC (Safety+Sеcurity)
Blocking the engine start in case of theft
Blocking the engine start in case of theft
Electric power reserve display
Electric power reserve display
Traction battery charge level control
Traction battery charge level control
Checking the plug status of the battery charger
Checking the plug status of the battery charger
Remote programming of climate control
Remote programming of climate control
events to which the system responds See more
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Service charge
819 USD
Remote control (В чем сила) (PCC)
Remote control
  • Automatic switching on/off of the security mode after switching off the ignition
  • Contactless Driver Cards mark
  • Locking doors
  • Folding the mirrors
  • Engine start control in case of alarm
Complex monitoring (В чем сила) (PCC)
Complex monitoring
  • Travel speed
  • Total mileage
  • Battery charge
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Checking the fuel level
  • System status diagnostics
Intelligent protection (В чем сила) (PCC)
Intelligent protection
  • Driver identification
  • Fixation of movement in the passenger compartment
  • Responding to disconnected GPS antenna
  • Checking the condition of the battery
  • Complete movement control
  • Transmission of coordinates in case of a threat
Emergency assistance 24/7 (В чем сила) (PCC)
Emergency assistance 24/7
  • Instant recording of alarms
  • Communication with the Dispatch Center
  • Telematic emergency call
  • Automatic call for emergency services in case of airbag deployment

The PCC is based on the use of a GPS satellite navigation system, a GSM/GPRS digital cellular communication standard, as well as high-quality electronic cartography.

If the system identifies a threat, it instantly sends an alarm signal to the Dispatch Center, as well as to the car owner’s phone in the form of SMS and push notifications. Thus, the PCC informs what kind of dangerous situation has occurred and transmits the exact coordinates of a car.


If the threat is confirmed or there is no communication with a car owner, the operator immediately calls a police patrol to the scene of an incident. Remote car ignition lock makes it impossible to move in the event of a hijacking.


In the event of a traffic accident, the PCC complex automatically uses the Traffic Accident Dispatch Center. The system also sends data about the location of a car to coordinate the ambulance call.

Mobile app Porsсhe Car Connect

Remote control of the car using the Remote function. Convenient, simple, fast, modern. Click - and your car understands you.

Control modes "Service", "Transport" and "Deactivation"
Inform about emergency situations using the shortcut buttons of the operator of the Dispatch Center
Establish geographic areas and control their intersection
Check your speed and get alerts when you exceed the limits
Monitor fuel consumption, tire pressure and range
Lock doors and fold mirrors remotely
Use smart search for your car
Adjust the climate in the passenger compartment
Useful documents
How to use the PCC security system? How do I customize reports and notifications? What are the additional features? In useful documents you will find detailed explanations about the operation and maintenance of the Porsche Car Connect security system.
Dispatch center

Operators of the Benish GPS Dispatch Center monitor alarms from the satellite system online around the clock.

They instantly inform the car owner in case of a dangerous situation. Upon confirmation of the threat, the operator is authorized to call the police to the location of the vehicle.

Always in touch:
+380 44 490 66 02

No exceptions


You can contact at any time:

  • in case of an attempt to steal a car
  • if you need to transfer the car for service
  • there is a need to transport the car (with the ignition off)
  • in case of changing the mobile phone number or state registration number
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PCC (Safety+Sеcurity)

PCC PVTS/PR (Recovery)

Engine start blocking in case of car theft
Remote control via the Porsche Car Connect mobile app
Determining the location of the vehicle and reacting to its movement
Alert when battery or GPS antenna is disconnected
Availability of "Service" and "Transportation" modes
Built-in PCC redundant power supply
Emergency communication with the Dispatch center
24/7 support and assistance in emergency situations on the road
Regular automatic diagnostics of the technical condition of the system
Emergency call with extended vehicle data
Informing in the event of an accident
View vehicle status and fuel level online
Locking doors
Geofence range limitation function
Tire Pressure Tracking
Remote folding mirrors
Alarm via SMS and push notification
Automatic activation / deactivation of security mode using DriverCard
Speed alert limit
Electric power reserve display
Hybrid traction battery charge level monitoring
Checking the plug status of the battery charger
Remote programming of the climate control unit
What does it react to   
Unauthorized movement of the vehicle
Missing the Driver Cards mark
Turning on the ignition of the car in security mode
Disconnecting the battery or GPS antenna (attempted sabotage)
Battery is critically low
Moving the vehicle with the ignition off
Interior movement
Accidents and airbag deployment
Attempt to open doors, trunk or hood
Impact on the body of the car
Decrease the battery charge in the tag
Harsh acceleration and deceleration
Traction battery charge critically low