PCC (Safety+Security)

PCC (Safety+Sеcurity)

A specially designed complex for the protection of cars by Porsche PHEV Cars, which has no analogues. The system is installed by the manufacturer, so it does not affect the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Service charge
Service charge
819 USD
Useful documents
How to use the PCC security system? How do I customize reports and notifications? What are the additional features? In useful documents you will find detailed explanations about the operation and maintenance of the Porsche Car Connect security system.
Technical specifications
  • Size – .... cm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Possibility of additional configuration – none
  • Contactless tag support - yes
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PCC (Safety+Sеcurity)

PCC PVTS/PR (Recovery)

Engine start blocking in case of car theft
Remote control via the Porsche Car Connect mobile app
Determining the location of the vehicle and reacting to its movement
Alert when battery or GPS antenna is disconnected
Availability of "Service" and "Transportation" modes
Built-in PCC redundant power supply
Emergency communication with the Dispatch center
24/7 support and assistance in emergency situations on the road
Regular automatic diagnostics of the technical condition of the system
Emergency call with extended vehicle data
Informing in the event of an accident
View vehicle status and fuel level online
Locking doors
Geofence range limitation function
Tire Pressure Tracking
Remote folding mirrors
Alarm via SMS and push notification
Automatic activation / deactivation of security mode using DriverCard
Speed alert limit
Electric power reserve display
Hybrid traction battery charge level monitoring
Checking the plug status of the battery charger
Remote programming of the climate control unit
What does it react to   
Unauthorized movement of the vehicle
Missing the Driver Cards mark
Turning on the ignition of the car in security mode
Disconnecting the battery or GPS antenna (attempted sabotage)
Battery is critically low
Moving the vehicle with the ignition off
Interior movement
Accidents and airbag deployment
Attempt to open doors, trunk or hood
Impact on the body of the car
Decrease the battery charge in the tag
Harsh acceleration and deceleration
Traction battery charge critically low