Satellite security system Vodafone Guardian

We know how important it is for your car to be protected. And not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also abroad. That is why we have created a comprehensive solution for transport security anywhere in the world.
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Satellite security system Vodafone Guardian

Vodafone Guardian is much more than a regular car alarm. The satellite security system guarantees round-the-clock control and instant response to threats. Your car is always connected, wherever you are.

Vodafonе Guardian
Car perimeter protection
Car perimeter protection
Contactless Driver Cards included
Contactless Driver Cards included
Automatic activation of the security mode
Automatic activation of the security mode
24/7 Dispatch center support
24/7 Dispatch center support
Service outside Ukraine
Service outside Ukraine
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Vodafone Guardian Benefits
Automatic activation of the security mode (В чем сила) (Vodafone Guardian)
Automatic activation of the security mode
  • Enabling the security mode when the Driver Card tag is removed from the car
  • Automatic shutdown after identification of the tag in the coverage area of ​​the main unit of the system
Roaming without additional costs (В чем сила) (Vodafone Guardian)
Roaming without additional costs
  • Outside Ukraine, roaming is activated automatically
  • The dispatch center monitors all signals from the system
  • 24/7 customer support
Hidden installation (В чем сила) (Vodafone Guardian)
Concealed installation
  • Lack of system elements and keyboard in the car
  • Minimal interference in the operation of standard car systems
  • Installation in just 30 minutes
  • Can be installed without a CAN module
Online control 24/7 (В чем сила) (Vodafone Guardian)
Online control 24/7
  • Car status control using a smartphone or web application
  • Notification in case of a threat
  • Automatic diagnostics of the VG system performance
  • Calling emergency road services if necessary
  • Informing about the danger by a call
Monitoring and protection (В чем сила) (Vodafone Guardian)
Monitoring and protection
  • Car movement history
  • High quality electronic cartography
  • Installation of geofences and control of their intersection
  • Button for instant response on the road
  • 24-hour security in any country in the world
  • Prompt call to the police if necessary

Once Vodafone Guardian detects an alarm, the danger message is sent directly to the car owner's phone and to the operator of Control Center.


From that moment the system starts tracking the vehicle. In order to confirm or deny an alarm, the operator immediately calls the car owner.


If the threat is confirmed, the operator remotely blocks the car movement and calls the police patrol to its location.


Outside Ukraine, the Control Center also processes the signals from the system. A network of national partners ensures the response of the emergency services of other countries in case of any danger.

Mobile application My Connected Car

Keep an eye on the car and control the security system simply by phone. My Connected Car understands your car.

Real-time control of car movement
Fixation of time and route of movement
Automatic alerts in case of alarm
Geozones and tracking its intersection
Informing about the condition of the system and the car
Personal settings and comfort in use
Useful documents
How do I set up the Vodafone Guardian system? How do I activate additional modes? What are the terms and conditions of the warranty? You can find all the information in useful documents.
Dispatch center

24/7 control of your car worldwide. The operator's task is to monitor the system's signals, immediately respond to danger, help and advise around the clock.

We are concerned about your security so that you can safely work, relax and travel.

Always in touch:
+380 44 490 66 02

No borders or exceptions.


You can always contact the operator of the Control Center in case of:

  • risk of emergency
  • safety threats to the car, driver or passengers
  • the need to call a police patrol and emergency services
  • the need to change the contact details of proxies
  • operation-related issues
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Vodafonе Guardian

What will you able to do with Vodafone Guardian?  
Protect the car outside Ukraine with no need of roaming activation
Use Driver Cards contactless tags to identify the driver
Automatically turn on and off the security mode using a tag
Use the panic button for emergency communication with the Control Center in case of emergency situations
Monitor the status of the vehicle and system through the website and My Connected Car mobile application
Manage the Service (service station, washing) and Transportation modes
Receive support and assistance from the Dispatch Center 24/7
Determine the location of the car and view its travel reports
Monitor the battery charge
Check the technical condition of the system with regular automatic diagnostics
Create geofences and track the time of their crossing
When does it start to work?  
Opening doors, hood or trunk
Missing Driver Cards tags
Unauthorized ignition on
Disconnecting the Vodafone Guardian system from the power supply
Pressing the alarm button
Loss of connection
Decrease in charge level or battery disconnection
Harsh acceleration and deceleration
Moving a vehicle with the ignition off (evacuation)
Turning on the ignition in security mode
Decrease the battery charge in the tag