Satellite security system Vodafone Guardian

Vodafonе Guardian

Complex vehicle protection. Doors, hood, trunk, movement with the ignition off, movement inside the cabin – absolutely everything is under control. Effective car protection in Ukraine and abroad.

Vodafone Guardian consists of:

  • central block
  • sirens
  • car perimeter monitoring sensors
  • external impact indicators
  • 3D-scanning systems for interior volume.

The package also includes contactless Driver Cards and a panic button.

Suitable for protection of all types of transport.

The cost of this product is calculated individually. Leave a request and we will choose the best solution for you.
Useful documents
How do I set up the Vodafone Guardian system? How do I activate additional modes? What are the terms and conditions of the warranty? You can find all the information in useful documents.
Technical specifications
  • Warranty for 1 year
  • Possibility of additional equipment - no
  • Contactless tag support - yes
  • Driver Cards tags included - yes
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Vodafonе Guardian

What will you able to do with Vodafone Guardian?  
Protect the car outside Ukraine with no need of roaming activation
Use Driver Cards contactless tags to identify the driver
Automatically turn on and off the security mode using a tag
Use the panic button for emergency communication with the Control Center in case of emergency situations
Monitor the status of the vehicle and system through the website and My Connected Car mobile application
Manage the Service (service station, washing) and Transportation modes
Receive support and assistance from the Dispatch Center 24/7
Determine the location of the car and view its travel reports
Monitor the battery charge
Check the technical condition of the system with regular automatic diagnostics
Create geofences and track the time of their crossing
When does it start to work?  
Opening doors, hood or trunk
Missing Driver Cards tags
Unauthorized ignition on
Disconnecting the Vodafone Guardian system from the power supply
Pressing the alarm button
Loss of connection
Decrease in charge level or battery disconnection
Harsh acceleration and deceleration
Moving a vehicle with the ignition off (evacuation)
Turning on the ignition in security mode
Decrease the battery charge in the tag