Positive customer feedback makes us proud of our work and inspires us to search for new, even more effective solutions.
Nonna Ryja
Marketing Director ARX Insurance Company
Our partnership with Benish GPS will allow us to work together to make car insurance services more accessible and comfortable for customers. You can be sure of the safety and safety of your own car!
Director of the taxi company
We have been looking for an opportunity to track the movement of all employees for a long time. Yes, GPS monitoring of transport is not a know-how, but your system is simple and understandable for me to manage and control.
During the cooperation, Benish GPS has proved to be a reliable partner. The developed GPS-monitoring system covers all territorial sub-divisions of the enterprise. The functionality of the software allowed setting up the system according to the hierarchical structure. It helped to form central dispatching center and regional sub-divisions.
Control and route planning for 4,462 vehicles, on which Benish GPS monitoring systems have been installed, has demonstrated its unquestioning efficiency. Specially developed software allows you to simultaneously control the routes of cars, stops and parking, record fuel consumption and engine operating time.
Thank you for your cooperation and confidently affirm that Benish GPS is a system integrator of complex telematics solutions. The company has implemented a comprehensive implementation of GPS monitoring quickly and efficiently.
The implementation of transport control systems supported by Benish GPS is a guaranteed success. The company has installed 1,600 GPS trackers on passenger vehicles and developed specialized software for comprehensive monitoring.
This is a truly reliable partnership and quality assurance. We are grateful to Benish GPS for the implementation of the GPS monitoring system. This helped us to clearly define areas of responsibility and quickly establish the process of organizing work.
Head of the vehicle fleet
We have been cooperating from Benish GPS for more than 10 years in a row. During this time, we were convinced and confidently affirm that Benish GUARD is quality and reliability. For 10 years, not a single kidnapping and always high-quality service.
During the period of cooperation, the team of Benish GPS has demonstrated customer orientation, professional approach and high level of qualifications.