Satellite systems of GPS monitoring of transport

GPS monitoring is a multifunctional tool for monitoring any transport from cars to trucks, as well as for special equipment.
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Satellite systems of GPS monitoring of transport

We offer a completely flexible solution for efficient fleet management.

Fuel consumption, routes, duration of stops and parking, the trajectory of the vehicle and its speed – all these parameters are clearly recorded by the GPS monitoring system and saved in the form of reports. Forget about fuel fraud and misuse of corporate vehicles.

Now you can clearly record violations and optimize business processes.

GPS monitoring in real time
GPS monitoring in real time
Fixing stops and parking
Fixing stops and parking
Routes and travel history
Routes and travel history
Lost GPS Signal Alert
Lost GPS Signal Alert
Geofences and their intersection
Geofences and their intersection
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What problems does GPS monitoring solve?
Corporate fleet misuse (В чем сила) (GPS мониторинг)
Misuse of corporate car
  • Fixing the car location 
  • Monitoring of stops and stays
  • Check planned routes
  • Alert in case of bypassing checkpoints
Lack of business process analytics (В чем сила) (GPS мониторинг)
Lack of business process analytics
  • Regular reports on the set parameters
  • The start / end time of the route and its total duration
  • Automated information sorting
  • Smart data configurator
Dangerous driving style (В чем сила) (GPS мониторинг)
Dangerous driving style
  • GPS monitoring of speed limits
  • Response to sudden acceleration and emergency braking
  • Identification of dangerous maneuvers
  • Tracking of changes in driving style
  • Notifications in case of recorded impact
Low operation optimization (В чем сила) (GPS мониторинг)
Low operation optimization
  • Route planning and analysis
  • Recording of untimely execution of work tasks
  • Real-time monitoring and training of drivers
High fleet maintenance costs (В чем сила) (GPS мониторинг)
High fleet maintenance costs
  • Driver performance analysis
  • Maintenance control
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Cost-effective vehicle operation
How does it work?

The GPS tracker transmits a message about the location of the car via the GSM network to the Benish Fleet Management platform for further analysis.


Get analytics information in a convenient format with intelligent report configurator, adaptive sorting and filters.

The WEB application is available for viewing data both on a desktop computer and on mobile devices.


If you need to expand the capabilities of transport monitoring software, we implement an individual solution based on the necessary settings.

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Roaming GPS-monitoring
Roaming service for 24/7 control anywhere in the world.
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User-friendly interface. Three map versions. Prompt notifications.

Control the car travel online
View travel histories with detailed routes
Receive speed limit alerts
Check the duration of stops and stays
View an unlimited number of cars
Record the geofence crossings
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Universal HelpControl

Universal Lock

Universal Pro


EcoDriving Plus

Stationary unit
Traffic accident detector
Blocking relay
Alarm button
EcoDriving audiovisual monitor
Connecting to seat belts
Complete installation kit
Compact size
Battery for autonomous operation
Operation with any vehicle
Mileage for the selected period
Installed in a service center
Online driver training on safe economical driving
All cars in one display
WEB access to the system 24/7
Travel/parking status
Online monitoring
Flexible personal system settings
Track building for any period
1-year storage of information
Flexible configuration of reports for the selected period
Driving style identification
Duration of trips
Mobile application
Specialized applications for driving quality
Geofence building and visiting
Fuel consumption (mathematical calculation)
Start and end of the working day
Recording of car parking
Customization of various messages
Creation of accounts with different access rights
Driving quality report and fixing penalty points
Automatic scheduled download of reports
Use of cars (working and non-working hours)
Rural and city road mileage
API for integration
Maintenance control
Technical support
Send an alarm to those responsible with HelpControl
System maintenance abroad
1-year equipment warranty
Completely hidden installation
Intact interior aesthetics
Bluetooth for wireless connection of sensors
Remote blocking of car movement
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Advantages of implementation       
Logistics performance improvement
Complex real-time GPS monitoring
Reduction of accident rate due to the speed limit recording
Prevention of misuse of the vehicle fleet
Raising of the company’s general profile
Reduction of maintenance costs
Emergency response in case of a dangerous situation
Vehicle theft protection
High-quality analytics and detailed reports on the driving style of each employee
The possibility of introducing additional KPIs in order to stimulate employees
Reduced fuel and fleet maintenance costs through economic driving
Improving employee safety while driving
Online training of drivers using voice alerts at the time of dangerous maneuvers