BeniLock electronic lock

Reliable protection against unauthorized opening.

The device registers GPS coordinates of the location and informs in case of a threat. 
Now you can be sure of protecting your home, office or cargo. A smart intrusion control system protects 
against burglars and identifies employee fraud.
The cost of this product is calculated individually. Leave a request and we will choose the best solution for you.
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Nonna Ryja
Our partnership with Benish GPS will allow us to work together to make car insurance services more accessible and comfortable for customers. You can be sure of the safety and safety of your own car!
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Records the opening and closing time of the lock
Sends GPS coordinates in case of threat registration
Controls the movement by means of communication with the satellite
Responds to unauthorized opening attempts
Notifies about a sharp increase in temperature and vibrations
Allows you to configure the frequency of data transmission
It works autonomously for 42 days thanks to low power consumption
Registers an external impact (impact or lighting in the dark)
What is controlled by it  
The trajectory of movement
Geofences and their intersection
Opening and closing times
Unauthorized actions