Everything you need for your cargo safety

Every business eventually faces with the task of safe transportation and storage of goods. To date, there are special systems on the market that are designed to optimize the logistics processes. And if you are looking for a quality product, then all you need is a small but reliable lock, which once and for all will solve the security problem of your store, warehouse or transported material assets.

The BeniLock lock is always an up-to-date and safe solution, as it is based on modern GPS technology, and it itself is a combination of a solid padlock and software. Together they provide real-time event and location information recording and notification via e-mail or a dedicated web-based program interface for monitoring and further analysis of data. The owner is constantly informed about the state of the lock. Separately, you can set registration for vibrations when sawing a handle of the lock, striking the lock, heating the lock and dropping it. Together with this information, the owner automatically receives data about the location of the lock. This is especially important if it is a transported cargo. There is also an option to set the automatic sending of alerts at intervals of 10 minutes to 48 hours.

BeniLock is not just a transmitter of information about the threat of penetration and hacking. If you want to process data about opening / closing the lock for further analysis of store hours, frequency of opening the warehouse, etc., BeniLock has the ability to create reports. This will help to identify not only the cases of theft or hacking, but also the unfairness of personnel who can close the store before the due time, because of which part of the profit will be lost. Such use of BeniLock leads to greater efficiency of use of resources and significant cost savings.

The benefit of acquiring of BeniLock is not only in economic performance, but also in its convenience and ease of use. When you install the lock, you don’t need any additional wiring or sensors, and it can be hung without problems even in a hard-to-reach place. A removable battery will work without additional charge up to 42 days.

Reliability and ease of use made BeniLock an ideal security tool for businesses in all sectors of the economy. The effectiveness of the use of the lock by the largest FMCG, pharmaceutical, leasing and insurance companies in Ukraine confirms its relevance and reliability in optimizing logistics processes and guaranteeing the secure transportation of goods.

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