ASMAP and Benish GPS – international transportations under reliable protection

Transportation of any cargo is associated with great responsibility. For executives of companies, involved in such activities, optimization and control of transport logistics and ensuring cargo security is very important. Now there are special systems that allow such control on the market. But often they are quite expensive, and the average carrier can’t afford them. Therefore, Benish GPS developed a special offer for the members of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP of Ukraine) and made such decisions available.

As part of the partnership, Benish GPS offers AsMAP of Ukraine members complete solutions for cargo security and vehicle monitoring.

For example, BeniLock electronic locks will be provided for safety control under special conditions. The system notifies the owner about an unauthorized opening, hacking. In the basis of BeniLock lie modern GPS technology, and the solution itself, is a combination of a reliable padlock and software. Together they provide event logging and location information in real time and alert through email, text messages, or special web-interface software for monitoring and further analysis.

In the field of car fleet control, Benish GPS offers BENISH LOGISTIC monitoring systems. The system in online mode allows to monitor the movement, visits of geo-zones and speed limits, as well as keep track of mileage and fuel consumption. In addition to the standard set of functions in the system, it is possible to customize individual modes for each client.

Specially for AsMAP of Ukraine members, Benish GPS offers tariff International. The tariff provides for unified conditions of service in Ukraine and Europe without additional payment for roaming.

In the future, Benish GPS company plans to cooperate with all the largest Ukrainian associations, creating such special offers taking into account the activities of associations. The main purpose of creating such programs is to help companies optimize their management processes, control, and reporting.

*About Benish GPS

Benish GPS – the leader in the field of satellite monitoring and security systems and is a part of the international holding company Benish Group. The company has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2003 and cooperates with the largest auto importers, dealers, insurance, pharmaceutical, leasing, and FMCG companies. The basis of each project is a 24-hour dispatch center, whose employees advise clients, organize maintenance and technical support and react instantly in case of fixing an attempt to steal a car.

*About AsMAP

AsMAP – Association of International Automobile Carriers (AsMAP) was established at the end of 1991 and is a contractual association, the task of which is the constant coordination of the economic activities of enterprises, including in the TIR system. The Association promotes the development of the transport of goods and passengers by road, including in international traffic, represents the interests of its participants in public authorities, international organizations, protects the rights of participants, and provides public relations.

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