таойта лексус анг

Auto security from Benish GPS is now the official security system for Toyota and Lexus cars.

Benish GPS and Toyota Ukraine Companies signed a partnership agreement in the field of auto protection.

Benish GPS, based on its security products, has developed a hardware software complex for auto security, adapted for all Toyota and Lexus car models existing on the market. Including all new products for 2023.

The system adapted to the characteristics of the car data allows both Toyota and Lexus to realize maximum technological capabilities (the most among all car brands):

The main thing is:

  • multi-level locking system (depending on the configuration of the car security system)
  • car perimeter security
  • CAN engine blocking
  • central locking control
  • remote keyless auto start
  • trunk lid control
  • locking the keyless entry system, etc.

Now at every Toyota and Lexus dealership in Ukraine, when buying a car, be sure to pay attention to auto safety and rest assured about your car 24/7!

More details about satellite systems auto safety Benish GUARD on the website.


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