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Benish EcoDriving – more than just GPS monitoring

Vehicle monitoring systems quickly gained popularity for controlling the movement of employees. Before now, this was enough to optimize the use of working time. However, today the company’s costs for fleet maintenance depend not only on compliance with certain routes.

Experts note that car maintenance due to improper management requires significant financial contributions. In particular, hard acceleration and the emergency braking are some of the most common driver mistakes. Obviously, this affects both fuel consumption and wear resistance of car parts.

Previously, there was no practical solution to this problem, but recently Benish GPS presented a unique offer of Benish EcoDriving for fleet monitoring and driver evaluation. From now on, there is no need to buy monitoring equipment, as you can only pay for using. The cost of monitoring per month for the company will be less than the cost of 25 liters of fuel. And the more cars will drive, the more Benish EcoDriving will help optimize fuel or repair costs.

This system uses a fundamentally new algorithm for analyzing driving style. It monitors compliance with the speed limit, records a sudden stop or acceleration, and instantly notifies of dangerous situations.

The purpose of such development is absolute control of the fleet to optimize its work. And most importantly – this system helps reduce risks on the road. An analytical approach in determining the driver’s style makes it possible to record violations and build a rating of employee evaluation. All this is aimed at preventing offenses, and at the same time reduce the cost of fuel and fleet maintenance.

The main features of the system are more than just monitoring:

  • Identification of driving style of employees
  • Detailed reports and ratings of drivers according to the rating system
  • Instant notifications of dangerous situations
  • Fixation of exceeding the established speed limits
  • Control of fuel consumption and compliance with routes
  • Analysis of the efficiency of the distribution of working time

The main advantages should also include the favorable cost of such a service. On average, companies that have their own logistics fleet spend about $ 18 a day on fuel for one car, and now for the same money, you can get a set of services Benish EcoDriving per month!

The monthly service package includes everything:

  • Equipment
  • Subscription fee
  • System installation

In addition, you can see the effectiveness of Benish EcoDriving absolutely free, because the company offers a test drive.

The algorithm for using the complex is very simple. First, equipment is installed that analyzes the driver’s style. After that, a detailed report is formed with all indicators. Based on it, it is easy to control the efficiency of the distribution of working time and compliance with the rules of safe management. All drivers are evaluated by a rating system, which allows you to enter additional KPIs and stimulate employees. As a result, reduced fuel costs and fleet maintenance through economic management.

And increase road safety. Still, this is the most important thing.

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