Benish GPS and Boryspil international airport: together to new achievements

Singapore International Airport Changi is the best airport in the world during several years and has a wide entertainment infrastructure, modern and comfortable architecture, and coordinated system for all services. “Changi” accepts more than 50 million people per year and is not going to stop on this index, constantly developing and improving the level of service. In Ukraine Boryspil International Airport, the one that is aimed to hove dynamic growth. The airport provides services for more than 8 million passengers annually and this year has increased passenger traffic by 30% (ACI Europe data).


ACI Europe Report

The Boryspil airport’s runway has a length of 4000 meters and a width of 60 meters, which allows accepting aircraft of all types around the clock, including low visibility conditions. Boryspil IA is the only airport in Ukraine, from which the transcontinental flights are carried out. The high level of work depends not only on airplanes and runways but on other important factors. For example, the transfer of passengers to the ramp of the aircraft and from it, fuel delivery, cargo transportation, aircraft maintenance and much more. For this purpose, different techniques is running around the airport, which also requires monitoring and properly planning.

In order to organize the most effective use of transport, Boryspil IA has been cooperating with Benish GPS for more than two years. The company provides monitoring and management of all vehicles on the territory of the airport. The system combines a set of capabilities that provides data processing and analysis, routes and location of monitoring objects and automated thematic mapping. Not only vehicles owned by Boryspil IA is equipped with control system, but also the transportation of other companies that provide the airport with a variety of services. Such approach ensures the integration of all services and their coordinated work.

Due to the transport monitoring system introduction, Boryspil IA has improved the speed of aircraft service, the timeliness of departure and general logistics. In addition, the coordinated operation of all systems makes it possible to cope with increased passenger traffic better as for example, during the international song contest Eurovision-2017.

Benish GPS developed a project of monitoring of transport for the airport Boryspil, taking into account its individual characteristics, relying on the 14-year international experience of the company. It is safe to say that this project is one of the components of the success of the ​​Borispol IA, which gives it the opportunity to hold the leading position. Benish GPS has such approach to all partners and customers, which allows to offer individual solution for any business.

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