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Benish GUARD Force Unlimited with anti-jamming function and autonomous tracking system

The premium new product of the company Benish GUARD Force Unlimited was presented on the auto protection market. This is a satellite security system with an anti-jamming function and an autonomous tracking system.

The Benish GPS company took the best from its flagship development Benish GUARD Force and added the features that auto safety users most often talked about – this is how Benish GUARD Force Unlimited was born!

The GUARDBlocker system is equipped with a multi-stage software hardware complex for blocking a car with the ability to counter attempts to steal using jammers based on the most modern technological components of communication and microelectronics. This provides confidence in the control and safety of the vehicle.

The complete absence of leading connections between the elements of the security complex allows for the most hidden installation and eliminates the possibility of determining the installation location of the system.

The main differences between the system and previous configurations:

  • Availability of 4G. Benish GUARD Force Unlimited is 20 times more powerful than other versions of the Force auto safety line. The security complex is characterized by stable communications and high-speed data transfer. This is all thanks to powerful GSM receivers and 2G/4G/LTE format modems, which provide fast and reliable communication and maximum data exchange speed, even outside the cities and abroad of Ukraine.
  • Roaming is already included in the service package. When traveling abroad, thanks to constantly connected roaming, the system transmits all information about alarms to the Benish GPS Dispatch Center and data about the car into the mobile application, maintaining communication with the system wherever the car is located. When traveling abroad by car, you can be sure that the auto security system remains connected without additional activations.
  • Availability Benish Track LTE is a completely autonomous GPS car search module that helps to find a car, both in Ukraine and abroad, even if the battery is turned off or completely discharged for a long time.
  • Availability of Benish GPS Assistance (Concierge Service) is a support on the road 24/7. For the comfort of the owner, Force Unlimited provides an additional set of road assistance services: mobile tire fitting, fuel delivery, car evacuation, etc. Everything for peace of mind and confidence on the way.
  • And most importantly – each user of Benish GUARD Force Unlimited is provided with a financial guarantee. BenishGPS Company is so confident in the reliability of its new system that it has doubled the guarantee amount! The financial guarantee in case of car theft is now UAH 1,000,000.

Benish GUARD Force Unlimited costs $1500.

Two subscription service packages are available:

  1. For lovers of the best level of service, the Unlimited package: maximum capabilities of Assistance +12 months of 4G Roaming (cost 18,000 UAH/1 year)
  2. For those who strive for a balance between price and service, there is the Unlimited Smart package: optimal package of Assistance services on the territory of Ukraine +3 months of 4G Roaming (roaming connection upon request) (cost 15,000 UAH/1 year)

Benish GUARD Force Unlimited is the uncompromising flagship of security systems!

More details by phone: +38 044 49 44 999 and on the website


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