Benish Platinum for car

Benish Guard PLATINUM – optimal protection system of your car

You bought a new car, but did not have time to take care of its safety and security? Then this information will be interesting to you.

Every person wants to get maximum opportunities at an affordable price. To be confident in the reliable protection of your car, and at the same time have access to control it.

If you want to get enough features and amenities for a reasonable price – then the Benish Guard satellite security system in Platinum configuration is the best solution for you.

Benish GUARD Platinum – an expanded range of equipment and services with a list of fixing alarm events.

One of the advantages of this configuration is the presence of an alarm button, located just like the keyboard in the passenger compartment in a place convenient for the driver, which allows you to urgently contact the dispatch center. For an additional level of safety, the system provides control of impact, tilt, or towing of the car and is perfectly suited for installation on the car average and higher price category.

Main opportunities of the system:

  • Protecting the perimeter of the car (doors, hood, trunk)
  • Fixing the external influences (impact, tilt, towing)
  • Panic Button (Emergency communication with the control center)
  • Keyboard (Entering a personal code and monitoring the status of the system)
  • Control of the mode of protection with the help of a car keychain
  • Online monitoring via the website and mobile app Olympia Tracking

When installing Benish GUARD Platinum you get round-the-clock support by the dispatch center, remote blocking of the movement of the car and the inclusion of the siren, the inclusion of the service mode (service station, car wash), assistance in emergency situations, as well as determining the location of the car.

The system responds to:

  • unauthorized attempts to turn the ignition
  • low battery
  • unauthorized disconnection from the power supply
  • loss of communication
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