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Benish GPS is 17 years old. It’s time for changes

In Benish we believe that every motorist deserves the highest level of safety. The company was the first in Ukraine to deal with satellite security systems for vehicles and today it is the largest player in the automotive telematics market in Ukraine. But a leader who stands still is not a leader. It’s time to revise own rules, strategy, internal and external communications – to redesign and restart the company as a whole.

Most of the satellite security systems that are installed on Ukrainian cars are from Benish GPS. In Ukraine, no one else can offer a complex: equipment and proprietary software, as well as its own Dispatch Center, operating 24/7.

Benish GPS

The new strategy of Benish GPS is based on the idea not only to protect vehicles, but to develop the concept of “Smart car”. Benish GPS is a leader and expert in automotive safety.

A leader who:

  • provides maximum car safety
  • works in the concept of connected cars
  • develops smart cars technologies
  • gives car owners the peace of mind

Benish GPS

New brand communication is built around the company’s real competitive advantages: customer service and technology.

Benish GPS is the brand that you can trust the safety of your car and sleep well. As one of the company’s clients said: “If the pen, then – Parker. If the car security system, then – Benish”.

The brand’s new visual identity is based on the preservation of 17-year-old traditions and a minimalist approach, which seems to say: “Nothing more – just safety, just Benish.”

Minimalism in design is combined with emotional brand communication messages. The communication is based on daily fears of car owners: “What will happen if I leave my car for the night near the house, and not in a guarded parking lot?”, “I parked on the side of the road, hurrying to a meeting, and some suspicious guys are spinning next to the car”. There are already all thoughts about this, and not about the meeting.

Probably every driver has experienced such moments at least once in his life.

Benish GPS has always been the leader in the security market and it’s time to talk about it loudly. For many years we worked quietly and did not talk about achievements, and there are a lot of them. It’s time to change the approach and become more public and open, because the leader should not be silent! The leader must set the tone and move the market forward! I want Benish GPS to become a friend and assistant in safety issues for motorists, whom you can call at any time and he will suggest the best solution!” – Chaim Benish, the Company’s President says.

“To implement the plans, a number of changes are already taking place in the company,” says Olga Nosova, Benish GPS Marketing Consultant. – We are launching CRM, making changes to the client service, and in the coming days we will launch a new company website with a personal account for the client and the ability to buy online. We have developed a new product line and a number of new services, which we will present in the near future, introduced the position of car safety consultants in order to provide the highest level of service and develop individual solutions for clients. ”

Benish GPS informs and protects.

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