Сar fleet control and optimization with Benish Monitoring

The profitability of business based on transport largely depends on drivers’ honesty and responsible approach to work. Fuel unloading, ineffective route construction, careless driving, and, as a result, fast wear of machinery and frequent repairs – these problems can not be avoided if you do not take care of fleet optimization in advance. Realizing all the difficulties of effective transport control organizing Benish GPS has been offering monitoring products for corporate clients several years. Benish Monitoring complete solution includes Benish Logistic, Easy Track, and EcoDriving systems.

Benish Monitoring improves fleet efficiency, reduces costs of car maintenance, helping to obey the traffic law, and monitor unfair personnel. Each of the products has its own set of functions and solves various tasks to optimize transport logistics.

Benish Logistic

Benish Logistic is the basic monitoring system. Among the main functions, there are determination of car location, driving within the established territory and living it, recording the mileage, and registering the ignition on and off. For freight transportation owners Benish Logistic will be especially relevant as it has the possibility of additional connection of monitoring systems for the units operation, measuring fuel level, remote locking of the engine. There is also an opportunity to set the alarm button and driver identification system Inside the car cab.


Benish Logistic 

Benish Easy Track

Benish Easy Track is Plug & Play device that does not require additional installation time. The tracker operates not on association with the car, but on the specific driver. In case the drivers use private vehicles, or when the number of cars is more than the drivers, it will be optimal to use this kind of control.

The system records the fact of switching the ignition, exceeding the set speed, the degree of depression the accelerator pedal, engine speed, visiting the geofences, and mileage. In addition, Easy Track helps to determine the DTC-error code.


Benish Easy Track

Benish Eco Driving

Benish Eco Driving is the solution for assessing driving quality and safety. The device registers speeding, critical acceleration and braking, quick turn, turns with acceleration or braking, and on the basis of this data concludes about the driving style of each driver its safety and environmental friendliness. Benish Eco Driving prevents dangerous violations and breakdowns in advance and determines the severity of the accident.

A special feature of the system is the optional Eco Driving panel that can be installed in the car’s interior displays the main driving indicators and helps the driver to control easily and improve the driving style.


Панель Eco Driving

Business process optimization is an important component of any business. It includes car fleet coordination. Let the choice of car fleet controlling process be the most difficult task as all you need is to define, which of the three systems is more appropriate for you. Benish Monitoring products can solve many tasks that your business faces with. According to the principle of the individual approach to each client, Benish GPS will offer a comprehensive solution for fleet optimization.

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