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Does the Benish GUARD Force mobile app work?

Recently, motorists, when choosing a car alarm, ask three questions:

  1. Does the Benish GUARD mobile app work? Car owners often complain that Starline and Pandora programs have stopped working in their car alarms and therefore they are looking for an alternative anti-theft system.
  2. Does Benish have an alarm with remote autostart in the product line?
  3. Will the car be protected during a blackout?

The answer to all questions is yes, but let’s take a closer look. The correct operation of mobile applications of all our car security systems is guaranteed by Benish technical specialists. Moreover, the company’s servers are located in a secure data center in Germany, which significantly increases the level of security in modern realities.

The program works only in conjunction with Benish GUARD Force car security and performs both basic functions: activation and deactivation of the guard mode, determining the location of the car, and comfort functions for the car owner. For example, with the onset of cold weather, alarm systems with auto-start via smartрhone become more and more relevant. Remote engine start via smartphone is also available in Benish GUARD Force car security systems and can be implemented for most car models.

Autostart of the Benish GUARD Force system allows you to remotely start the engine to recharge the battery, as well as turn on the interior heating.

Using the mobile application, you can also:

  • control the central locking of the car;
  • set or remove the Service mode, etc.;
  • receive instant notifications about alarms, car status;
  • monitor the condition of the car in real time;
  • record location, speed and stop time
  • control the fuel level in the tank and the battery charge level;
  • receive detailed reports on vehicle movement;
  • manage the security system online.


The indisputable advantage of car security from Benish is the presence of its own dispatch center and full support when an alarm signal is received from the system. And this means that with any attempt to steal your car, you will not be left face to face with the problem, because Benish is not just a car alarm with a mobile application. The alarm signal is instantly received by our dispatchers, who immediately call the patrol to find out the circumstances of the alarm signal and prevent car theft.

We have tried to foresee all the risks associated with the lack of electricity and mobile communication. Some of our dispatchers work outside the territory of Ukraine and can seamlessly respond to alarms from security systems. Even if the dispatcher cannot call you, he will have the technical ability to block the car and prevent criminals from stealing it.