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The double leader in the automotive world: where and why does Toyota occupy the highest positions?

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Toyota confidently holds the lead in two ratings – positive and negative. Mostly after this, they ask: “What is the best to start with?”

First of all, we want to share the results of Toyota’s prestigious position. The Japanese manufacturer firmly takes first place in the BrandZ Top 100 ranking, which is formed by the analytical agency Millward Brown. Toyota is recognized as the most expensive car brand for the eighth consecutive year. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford turned out to be lower in the ranking, but they still have not been able to achieve the leader’s performance.

And now about the bad. Japanese cars are in high demand among car thieves. According to the National Police, among every five cars that are tried to be stolen, Toyota is guaranteed to meet. That is why high-quality protection of such cars is not a whim, but a necessity.

The safety issue for Toyota owners is, in fact, a priority, and Benish GPS specialists are well aware of this.

More recently, there was another attempt to steal such a car, but, fortunately, failed. And more precisely – a successful one for the owner of Toyota Rav 4. Less than four minutes it took the criminal in order to understand that he will not receive this car. Benish GUARD satellite security system helped to save the car.

In short, the chronology of events looks like this:

At 14:33 the owner closed the car and turned on the security mode. After 2 minutes, the operators of the control center received an alert. They quickly called the owner and warned of the danger. It turned out that the criminal was trying to open the door. However, obviously, they understood that the car was equipped with a telematic system, so decided not to risk further and run away.

This situation once again proves that efficiency plays a very important role. Especially when it comes to danger from the autothiefs.

It is worth noting that the peak in the number of car thefts falls precisely in the period May-August. Therefore, it is especially important now to take care of the protection of the vehicle.

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