Following ecological standards becomes simply, than ever

The whole world is moving towards conscious consumption of resources and Ecological efficiency of production. For this purpose, for more than 50 years, various acts and initiatives have been adopted that determine the norms for the use and emission of harmful substances into the air. In Ukraine, too, strive to comply with ecological standards, and the largest Ukrainian pharmaceutical, agricultural and tobacco companies have already used a variety of methods to improve their own ecological performance. International company Oxfam* recognized in 2016 the representative offices of Unilever, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Mars and Danone around the world as companies that implement effective technologies for optimizing transport, using organic substances and reducing emissions into the atmosphere. One of the modern solutions for safe and ecological driving is the Benish EcoDriving system developed by Benish GPS for corporate clients in Europe.

Benish EcoDriving is a satellite monitoring system of transport, whose task is to assess the effectiveness, quality of driving, driver safety and to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Using the system, the company-client receives up-to-date information about the car’s mileage, the operation of the units and assemblies (for heavy vehicles), exceeding the speed limit, the manner of each driver driving, idling of engine and the severity of the accident, and can prevent dangerous violations and breakdowns in advance.

To help the driver in the car installed optional panel EcoDriving, which displays the most important indicators of driving and helps not only to comply with traffic regulations but also international standards of safe and ecological use of the vehicle.

EcoDriving Panel 

Parameters on the basis of which will be determined by the driver’s driving style can be set individually, with the help of special Benish EcoDriving software. Estimation of data is based on the rates of speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering.

The director receives information about how many kilometers the driver drove at night, on weekdays and weekends, how often exceeded the speed, sharply braked and any other information about the trip. With this data, you can conduct a full analysis of the directions for improvement or confirm your compliance with ecological standards.

Benish EcoDriving effectively reduces fleet maintenance costs and fuel consumption, retains corporate ownership, and allows to monitor and improve the quality of driving drivers. The successful experience of applying the system to the largest pharmaceutical, agrarian and tobacco companies in Ukraine shows that it is very simple and even profitable for business to follow the world ecological standards. And Benish EcoDriving allows not only to save the facilities of business, but also creates the image of a socially responsible and environmentally effective company.

*Oxfam – an international association of 17 organizations operating in more than 90 countries around the world. The goal of the association is to solve the problems of poverty and related injustice throughout the world. In all Oxfam projects, the ultimate goal is to provide people opportunities to exercise their rights and capabilities, personally lead lives, receive decent wages for the work.

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