gps vehicle monitoring in ukraine who needs it in 2024

GPS vehicle monitoring in Ukraine, who needs it in 2024

Some users still consider GPS navigation to be a new market product. Meanwhile, its history goes back more than 70 years. First thoughts about creating the Global Positioning System were already in the 50s of the last century. However, the idea of fixing the position of an object on Earth using a satellite began to be actively developed only 20 years later. The technology has evolved over several decades. The standard function has been updated with many additional features. Currently, GPS vehicle monitoring is extremely popular and has become widespread in the commercial and private spheres.

How does GPS vehicle monitoring work?

GPS vehicle monitoring is a real-time tracking system for the location, speed and many other parameters of vehicles. It is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), a satellite system that provides geolocation and timing data to a site equipped with a GPS receiver anywhere on Earth where there is direct visible access to at least four GPS satellites.

Several types of GPS technologies are used to monitor vehicles.

  • GPS beacon is the simplest device designed solely to determine the location of a vehicle. Its peculiarity is that most of the time the beacon remains disabled. It transfers data only at certain times. As an advantage, this extends service life of the beacons. In addition, it remains invisible to the scanners hijackers use to identify such equipment.
  • GPS tracker is a device with much wider functional range. It ensures full control over the condition, location and operation of the vehicle. Unlike a beacon, the tracker works constantly, i.e. vehicle data can be retrieved and analyzed at any second.

The most modern and effective devices are GPS satellite tracking systems. One of the best-value deals are Benish Universal systems. They increase vehicle protection against theft, control the driver’s movement and driving style and create geofences, as well as offer many other useful functions. Another feature to note is a built-in battery, which allows for data transfer even in the absence of main power.

Who needs GPS vehicle monitoring?

Let’s list the GPS tracking system functions. They not only control but also generate reports, as well as analyze data obtained. Some of the most useful device functions include:

  • coordinated real-time vehicle tracking;
  • traffic control: parking, duration of trips, urban and suburban mileage;
  • fuel consumption, operation of the vehicle during working and non-working hours;
  • speed control.

Anyone can use GPS monitoring tools; the main thing is to choose right ones. For example, owners of low- and mid-price cars may find a GPS beacon an ideal solution. For commercial purposes more functional tools are recommended, especially for large-fleet enterprises.

Thus, it is safe to say that GPS monitoring is necessary for any enterprise that has its fleet of vehicles. To ensure maximum system efficiency, it is best to use equipment from companies that have their own technical support and control center. One of them is Benish GPS, a true expert in vehicle safety and monitoring.

Advantages of GPS vehicle monitoring

Every enterprise with its own fleet of vehicles faces two serious problems: fuel theft and misuse of vehicles. Or long story short, laziness and theft. GPS monitoring is designed to solve them. GPS technology helps cut transport costs by monitoring fuel consumption and carefully tracking travel routes. However, preventing abuse is not the only benefit of modern monitoring systems.

  • Vehicle and staff safety is primarily ensured through speed control. Plus, keeping in mind that the vehicle is under constant control of equipment and specialists helps drivers drive much more carefully.
  • Vehicle service life improvement through compliance with the rules of technical operation of vehicles and a general upgrade in discipline of drivers.
  • Performance optimization ensured through several aspects. These include route optimization, which consists of choosing least busy, shortest and best paved roads. Another aspect is resource optimization. The most rational coverage of all route points with minimum fuel and time costs for strict driver control.
  • Instant reaction in case of vehicle theft or emergency situations on the road, accidents, etc. 
  • Prestige improvement, as a carrier who delivers goods on time and strictly adheres to their temperature conditions inspires customer confidence. 

Conclusion and future of GPS vehicle monitoring

The fast-paced development and gradual introduction of GPS technologies into commercial and everyday life indicates their potential. The satellite monitoring systems by Benish GPS have already proven their effectiveness. With their help, hundreds of companies in Ukraine have reduced their fleet maintenance costs and increased income. You too can become our client. Leave a request on the website, and our managers will be happy to advise you, answer all your questions and offer the best option for your business.



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