«Greenco-Group» saves about 100 000 USD annually


«Benish GPS» Company had developed an innovation project, that allowed greatly minimize the company’s costs specially for «GreenCo -Group». Company’s car fleet that contains 5 regional representative offices was integrated into the general system due to «Benish GPS» technical solution. The «Benish GPS» system allowed to minimize the company’s cost. Annually company saves about 100 000 USD.

After the first successful experience of cooperation with «GreenCo Group» it was decided to launch the new joint project. Installation of equipment for tracking the fuel consumption is being planned within the next stage.  Benish GPS company’s development engineers created special software that allows tracking the consumption and preventing the fuel stealing throughout all car fleet of «GreenCo Group». Also the synchronization of the GPS monitoring and 1C accounting system that allows to track the movement of vehicles online was planned within this stage.

The implemented systems allow greatly optimize the processes of company’s administration, control and reporting.

The above solutions will greatly reduce the exploitation costs.

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