how does the satellite antithef system work

How does the satellite anti-theft system work?

Recently, satellite anti-theft systems, which track and control the car using satellite
communication (GPS), have become incredibly popular.

The operation process of the satellite anti-theft system is as follows:

• Location tracking: the GPS receiver receives signals from satellites and
determines the exact location of the vehicle.
• Data transmission and analysis: GPS transmits location data over the GSM
network to a server or cloud service for its further procession.
• Owner notification: in case of any suspicious activity, such as door opening,
attempted theft, the system can notify the vehicle owner via a mobile application.
• Anti-theft actions: in case of suspicious activity and unauthorized access, the
system automatically does everything to lock the engine and prevent theft in every way,
as well as sends an alarm to both the owner via the mobile application and the control

Thus, the satellite anti-theft system ensures a high level of security and control over the cars.
Как работает спутниковая противоугонная система

Advantages of the satellite anti-theft system

Benish GUARD Force anti-theft system is an original solution. Benish GPS offers a full range of
car protection services: equipment, installation, 24/7 support, as well as your personal manager
to turn to in case of any problem related to the service of the alarm system.

Benish GUARD Force satellite anti-theft systems have the following advantages:

1. Anti-jamming: instant response to an attempt to block the radio signal and intercept
protective communication channels. This makes it almost impossible to steal a car, since
all the car’s systems will be automatically blocked.

2. Continuous satellite monitoring – the system monitors the location of your car 24/7,
both in Ukraine and abroad (when roaming is connected, and in the case of Force
Unlimited – even without connection, roaming is included in the package).

3. The automatic security system will instantly react to the attempted theft and send
an alarm signal to your phone and to the control center.

4. Remote control of some car functions via the application, for example: remote start
and blocking of the engine, activation of the sound alarm, activation and deactivation of
the “Service” mode.

5. Benish GPS is so confident in its satellite anti-theft systems that it created the
Benish GUARD Force Financial Guarantee Fund, which pays up to 2,000,000 UAH in
case of car theft.

6. If the car’s electronics permits, the car owner can see additional functions in the
mobile application, for example, monitoring of the fuel level, battery condition, power
reserve, temperature in the cabin, tire pressure.

What do experts recommend to protect the car against

For reliable protection of the car, use a comprehensive approach, which includes several
protective options. Often, car protection professionals recommend as follows:

• Use a modern alarm system, which not only deters most thieves but also
immediately notifies the car owner of an attempted unauthorized access.
• Immobilizer is an effective way to prevent starting the car engine without a special
key or tag. This makes carjacking extremely difficult without the proper equipment.
• Mechanical interlocks (steering and pedal locks) remain popular and affordable
means of protection. They can significantly hamper the thieve and serve as an additional
• Beacons or trackers. A GPS tracker tracks the location of the car in real time. In
case of theft, it increases the chances of its return as soon as possible. Beacons
communicate much less often than trackers (one or several times a day, depending on
the setting), and they are more difficult to detect in a car. But some time later after the
theft, the beacon can turn on and send a location signal to the car owner.
• Sticking an armored film on the glass and engraving the VIN number on the car
parts is also advisable.
The chances to miss some protective components significantly increase, which reduces the
probability of car theft.

Benish GUARD Force satellite anti-theft systems are a complex innovative solution that
provides maximum and reliable protection of your car against theft. Contact Benish GPS to
choose your special anti-theft system.

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