Benish: ideal protection for modern cars

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Who said that a car is just a means of transportation? With the development of the automotive industry, each manufacturer seeks to give its creation the greatest number of unique details: body design, the layout of the controls on the torpedo, and, of course, the latest technological innovations. Surely, such a car needs first-class protection against theft, so the satellite security system Benish Guard, presented in 4 configurations comes to the rescue for the car owner. ELITE and ULTRA hold a special place among all the set because they provide the car owners with the maximum level of protection and an extended range of services.

Benish Guard ELITE is designed for business and premium cars. The set includes such functions as entering the personal code of the car owner to deactivate the guard mode, reacting if the ignition is turned on indirectly the standard systems, unauthorized opening of the doors, hood, or trunk. The alarm button serves for emergency communication with the dispatch center. The system has a number of anti-vandal functions: fixing the glass breaking, impact, tilt and attempt to tow the car. Also, there is the possibility of reacting even to the smooth extrusion or breaking of the glass, and prevention of penetration into the auto bypassing the standard systems. Together with this, any movement inside the car, impacts, and towing attempts are fixed at the moment when the system is the inactive mode.

benish guard

The ideal solution for luxury cars is Benish Guard ULTRA, which today is the top-end system configuration and provides the maximum level of car protection against theft and attempts of external encroachments. In addition to all ELITE functions, the Ultra feature includes the ability to fix the movement with the ignition off, and respond to an accident. A distinctive feature is the dual identification of the owner, that is, in addition to the presence of a keyboard for entering personal code, a contactless driver’s mark is added to the system, which allows removing instantly the car from the guard mode without entering the code on the keyboard. Automatic activation of roaming allows being in touch with the dispatch center in 43 countries around the world, without wasting time and money to connect the service in roaming. In addition, the car owner can use the system as a means of monitoring and analyze the history, route, speed, and duration of trips.

benish guard

All alarms from the Benish GUARD system enter the control center of Benish GPS, after which the dispatcher calls the car owner. When confirming the theft attempts by the car owner or, if it is not possible to reach him, the dispatcher is authorized to call emergency response services independently and, if necessary, block the movement of the car. Also, the operators will contact the owner if an attempt is made to damage or if the system has been disconnected from the power supply and reminded of a critically low battery charge of the car.

One of the important aspects is that the Benish GUARD system is recommended by all official importers and car dealers in Ukraine, and during the installation, the manufacturer’s guarantee is saved. When choosing a car in a dealer center, do not forget to take care of its safety, choosing together with the manager a suitable configuration of the Benish Guard satellite anti-theft system.

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