Benish GPS became a partner of the International Vladislav Vaschuk’s Children CUP

Benish GPS company became a partner of the 4th International  Vladislav Vashchuk’s Children Cup. One of the best football tournament was held at the “Dinaz” stadium in s.Lyutezh (Vyshgorodskiy district). The competition was attended by future football stars of the 16 clubs in Ukraine and Belarus, children born in 2002.

Vladislav Vashchuk’s tournaments seeks to maintain and develop interest in the sport, to find support for the implementation of the objectives – to build a soccer field for children in Kyiv!

The competition was held under the current “Rules of the game of football.” Over 2 days, divided into subgroups, young players competed for the title of best team.

Between the games, children took part in the sweepstakes prizes interesting, useful gifts received on the field reigned friendly, but at the same time. The winner of the IV International Junior tournament Vladislav Vashchuk was the team of FC “Dynamo Kiev”!

Each of the 16 participants of the team that won the cup, the BENISH GPS company gave the iPhone.

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