Keyless entry control — the dream of a car thief!


As shown by studies of the authoritative German automobile club ADAC, from 237 modern cars equipped with keyless access, 230 – are susceptible to theft.

The keyless access option assumes that you have (for example, in the pocket of your jacket) a wireless transmitter. When it is within the range of the receiver inside the car, the car’s doors can be opened without using a mechanical key. To open it is enough to press a key on the door handle or just open the door. Starting the engine, in this case, is carried out using the Start / Stop key or from the standard knob installed instead of the ignition lock.

In the case when the car owner leaves the car, moving away for a certain distance, the electronic loses the signal and automatically locks all the doors and also disconnects all electrical circuits.

It is convenient, but not safe! Most car thieves, he allows you to steal a car in seconds.

British consumer group Which notes that hijacking a car with such a “plus” takes an average of 18 seconds.


How does the hijacking happen?

Thieves have special repeater gadgets.

A repeater is a standalone compact electronic device that allows you to significantly increase the range of the key. Sometimes there can be several such repeaters, and they work one after the other, actually increasing the transmission distance of the signal. It is important that the signal itself is not distorted in any way, and the car happily “accepts” it. Starting the engine is also using the same signal, immediately after disarming.

Here is a variant of one of the schemes of theft. The owner of the car leaves the car, for example, near the supermarket and goes shopping. The criminal follows him with a repeater, hiding the device in a bag or backpack. The device reads and sends a signal to an accomplice who is at the victim’s car. After receiving the signal, the attacker penetrates the car and hijacks it.

The range of the repeater is on average 500-700 meters.

The radio signal in such devices is able to penetrate even reinforced concrete walls and reach to key lying in the pocket of the jacket in your home.

As experts say, cars are stolen for resale as well as for disassembly for parts. More than 20% of hijacked cars, mostly from the budget and middle price segment, are 5–15 years old. Premium cars – often re-sell to other countries.

While automakers are working to improve staff security systems, and people’s deputies of Ukraine over the law on toughening penalties for car theft using electronic devices, Benish GPS offers an effective satellite security system Benish GUARD.

With an installed system Benish GUARD your car is in the protection 24/7. Benish GPS Dispatch Center works without days off and breaks to enable instant response in case of an alarm signal from the security system. As soon as the attacker tries to open the car, the dispatch center will receive a signal of unauthorized action and the staff will immediately contact the car owner, and if necessary, will call a police patrol to the scene.

Benish GUARD – the best-integrated protection and security of your car, which is now available in 4 configurations. This means that the owner of a car of any segment will be able to choose the most suitable option based on their individual requests and the price category of the system.

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