Control is a key to your business success

Paradoxically, but the lock may become this key…

Own business is like a child that should never be left without an appropriate watch and care. Not surprisingly that the owners of warehouses, stores, transported material values dream to sleep without bothering by having a constant reliable information on the status of their property.

The solution exist – it is reliable and up to date. BeniLock is a combination of strong padlock with GPS positioning module and specially designed communication system and software. Together they provide the real-time registration of events and information on the location of the guarded object with the subsequent shipment data through email, text messages or specialized web applications for monitoring and analysis. So the owner receives notification about the status of the lock, information on the attempts to open or cut it, as well as other possible injuries. Together with these notifications, reports with the information about the location of the lock are passed to the owner, so this location can be easily found on the map.

The equipment is the best solution for monitoring both stationary and moving objects in a various industries. Thus, the ability to create reports on closing / opening of the lock enables the further analysis of the work hours of shop, warehouse, etc. and can lead to greater efficiency and cost savings. If you install the lock on moving subjects it is possible to coordinate the issuance of the location at a predetermined interval from 1 minute to 48 hours.

By installing BeniLock, the owners immediately trace the actions of “two birds with one stone”, as it makes it possible to identify and fix the theft occurrence of both staff and intruders, trying to open or close the lock in an unauthorized time.

The comfort and ease of use is a significant advantage of BeniLock as it works without any need of additional wires connection and is effective even in remote and inaccessible locations. After a simple installation the lock is in operational condition and the owner needs to only regularly change the battery.

BeniLock, which is one of the successful development of the industry’s leader Benish GPS company can be beneficial, economically viable solution for the owners of small and medium business segments.

As in case of proper, targeted and systematic use, BeniLock will pay off its price in the first month of exploitation!

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