Benish GPS equipped with systems of satellite monitoring park of office lorries of the Kitayprom company


The Kitayprom trade association was establish in 2006 and is engaged in manufacturing and realization of solid biofuel in Ukraine and Europe. Since 2011 the Kitayprom Company is engaged in transportation of goods to the cities of Ukraine. For this reason, specialists of the company made use of services of the Benish GPS and set on their trucks monitoring and fuel control, put sensors for control of a real fuel consumption, and also fuel filling and fuel draining.

As Nikolay Goron, the director of the Kitayprom Company noticed: “Systems of transport satellite monitoring allow us to control traffic circulation with an improbable accuracy in real-time mode, and also to keep account of the kilometer performance and fuel consumption. When we installed these devices we had an incalculable quantity of opportunities, basic of which — it is personal control of fuel level that without doubt will lead to decrease of cash expenditure”.


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