Безопасность для авто, мотоцикла

Protection from motorcycle to yacht by Benish GPS

When talking about security for a vehicle, everyone is used to imagining alarms for cars. And in vain. Firstly, transport in the 21st century is not limited to cars. Motorcycles, ATVs, helicopters, jet skis, and even yachts need quality protection. Secondly, conventional alarms do not solve this problem at all. If there is protection against criminals today, it is satellite security. It provides quality protection, quick response, and does not just warn of the threat of a loud siren. Benish GPS guarantees protection for all modes of transport. No exceptions. The Benish GUARD and Vodafone Guardian systems already protect more than 80,000 vehicles. This list includes cars, motorcycles, jet skis, and boats. Today we want to tell you more about our solutions for any mode of transport.

Are Benish GUARD satellite systems suitable for two-wheeled transport?

If there is a battery and an engine, the answer is yes. That is, such protection can really be installed for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters. The dimensions of the satellite system allow to secretly place it under the structural elements of the vehicle. The best option is Benish GUARD Premium. This is a basic protection kit that responds to unauthorized ignition or disconnection of the system from the power supply.

Recently, the specialists of the Benish GPS Service Center increasingly install satellite protection on motorcycles. It is not surprising that the demand for quality protection of two-wheeled vehicles is growing, because there are many cases of theft of “iron horses”. At the same time, experts’ forecasts are disappointing, they predict an increase in the number of such crimes in the period August-October.

Does it make sense to install satellite protection on boats or jet skis?

The highest level of relevance. Previous cases of theft of water transport were very rare. However, with the “development” of the criminal case and also the post-quarantine regime, such crimes occur more and more often.

Hydrocycles are most in-demand due to their relative compactness. However, experienced hijackers risk stealing even yachts. Of course, it is very difficult to organize such a case, so most criminals are limited to stealing valuables or parts. In any case, there is no doubt that protection for water transport is needed.

Most recently, Benish GPS was approached by a man to install a satellite security system on the boat. Previously, according to the client, he did not think about such protection. However, after his jet ski was stolen and the criminals could not be found, the issue of protecting the boat became a priority.

What solution is suitable for the protection of water transport?

The whole range of Benish GUARD: from Premium to Ultra. There are no installation restrictions. The choice depends on the level of protection and contains a different list of threats to which the Control Center responds.

Is it problematic to protect an airplane or a helicopter?

No, not problematic. Benish GUARD will handle this just as well. However, flight routes should be considered. If you plan to cross the border, you should take care of roaming. There is a solution for this – Roaming service. It just needs to be activated in advance. In advance – it’s at least 3 days. You should contact the operator of the Dispatch Center – and he will take care of it.

By the way, the Roaming service remains relevant not only for airplanes but also for any type of transport. So, if you are planning a trip abroad by car or boat, the principle of roaming activation is similar.

Which system is the best to use if I travel abroad often?

Vodafone Guardian is ideal for such a task. The peculiarity of this satellite protection is that roaming outside Ukraine is activated automatically. In this way, you are guaranteed to receive comprehensive protection 24/7 anywhere in the world. That is, even abroad, the Dispatch Center will analyze the signals from the system. And in the case of threat detection, the network of national partners allows to ensures the response of emergency services of other countries.

Are there any problems with the installation of satellite guards on electric cars?

No, the operation of all systems is not disrupted. The process of installation on electric cars, of course, has its own characteristics, so the installation of a satellite system should be entrusted to specialists. We suggest contacting the Benish GPS Service Center in Kyiv for this task. In other cities, the service is provided by our partners – certified car dealers. Even if the warranty period for the vehicle is still valid, we will arrange the installation of the system with the preservation of all guarantees.

That’s how the scale of security from Benish GPS is huge, and the level of quality is the highest.

Driving a vehicle, whatever it may be, should bring comfort and pleasure, not additional worries and fear of jacking. Allow yourself not to worry about it. Benish GUARD and Vodafone Guardian will take care of the most reliable protection.

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