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Marauders won’t get it! How Benish GPS saves Ukrainian cars

For the second month now, Ukraine has been heroically defending itself from the attack of Russia, and the whole world cannot move away from the shock at the sight of the atrocities and destruction that the Russian troops leave behind. Marauders do not disdain personal belongings, equipment from Ukrainian homes, and even more so cars. According to the latest data, the largest number of cars stolen from Ukrainians, including branded trucks of food companies, were taken to Belarus on April 4-5, after the retreat of the Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine. Also increased the number of hijackings by marauders. So far, it is difficult to estimate the number of stolen and damaged cars, but we can definitely say that the statistics will go off scale.

Benish GPS uses the maximum of its resources to also fight the enemy in the area where we are professionals – car protection. During the 53 days of the war, our team, in a difficult situation and with limited opportunities, almost every day recorded hijacking attempts and did everything possible to prevent them. Different tools were used depending on the region and opportunities: calling the police, where possible, blocking the car when trying to steal, etc.

We continue to share some of the successful cases of saving our clients’ cars, which the occupiers are trying to take away as “trophies”. One of these cases occurred in Gostomel. Our client, the owner of a Porsche Panamera with Porsche Car Connect (PCC), informed us that his house was robbed, possibly the car was also stolen. The client asked to block the it, call the police and help return the car.

The Benish GPS technician has launched a special mode for communication and remote monitoring of events that occur with the car. This made it possible to send a command to block the car, as well as notify the police that the car was stolen. The car was found in Kyiv and blocked. Benish GPS dispatchers provided the police officers with the coordinates, which helped the police physically find the car and return it to the client’s trustee.

The PCC security system is an OEM Porsche AG satellite anti-theft system, which is installed directly at the factory. In Ukraine, the national service provider of this car safety system is Benish GPS.

The PCC is based on the use of a satellite navigation system of the GPS standard, a digital standard for cellular communication GSM/GPRS, as well as high-quality electronic cartography.

If the system identifies a threat, it instantly sends an alarm signal to the Dispatch Center, as well as to the car owner’s phone in the form of SMS and push notifications. In this way, the PCC informs which particular dangerous situation has occurred and transmits the exact coordinates of the vehicle.

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