мобильное приложение BeM2M

New mobile app BeM2M: fleet control is now in your pocket

The field of vehicle monitoring is developing rapidly, because it is very effective, primarily for optimizing work processes. However, we are confident that any control should be convenient as well. It is for this purpose that Benish GPS has developed a new mobile application BeM2M. You can now monitor an unlimited number of vehicles in real-time. Fleet control is literally in your pocket. And most importantly, it’s convenient.

What are the features of the mobile application?

  • Determining the location of the car online
  • Travel history with detailed routes
  • Control of violation of speed limits
  • Additional information on the duration of stops and stands
  • Push notifications

What is special about the mobile application?

The intuitive interface of the application makes it user-friendly and distinguishes it from others. All necessary data is divided into 4 logical sections: general information about all vehicles, map view mode, alerts, and settings. The application language (Ukrainian, English, Russian) adapts automatically, in accordance with the settings of the phone’s operating system. Thus, you just need to download the application, fill out the authorization window and you can immediately use it.

Three cartographic versions provide the user with the opportunity to choose the most convenient mode. Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Apple Maps are used as map sources (the latter is only for the iOS platform, respectively).

Convenient search and sorting of objects. Information about the movement of any car can be found quickly and easily. You just need to indicate the car number or the driver’s surname. If you need to select all cars that are in motion at once, or, on the contrary, the sorting options allow you to do this.

Instant alerts provide information about:

  • overspeeding;
  • disconnection from the vehicle electrical system;
  • ignition on / off;
  • crossing of territories designated as geofences;
  • pressing the panic button.

Who is the mobile app for?

For all companies that use vehicle monitoring from Bеnish GPS. The goal is to increase the mobility and efficiency of employees. The geographic information control system supports a large number of GPS devices, trackers, and sensors. It is the ideal solution to improve employee efficiency. This is especially true for the management and control of a vehicle fleet or a logistics complex.

The data is securely stored on the server during the year. Previously, information could only be obtained using the web version of vehicle monitoring. And now the new app BeM2M allows you to log in simply from a smartphone or tablet. Thanks to this, it is even more convenient and faster for the head of the logistics complex or the owner of the fleet to check the information.

All elements of the application were formed taking into account the practical needs of our customers. The app will be regularly updated with new features. Our partners and professionals  – web-студія ECHIZH –  helped to implement the project.

As you know, everything ingenious is simple. And now it’s convenient. This we of course about the monitoring and mobile app BeM2M.

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