New vehicle security technologies 2023-24

New vehicle security technologies 2023-24

The IoT technologies (using software, satellites, mobile applications, etc.) are rapidly entering everyday life. Thanks to this, traditional devices now can not only perform the designed tasks but also “communicate” with each other, exchanging information. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner, a smart home, self-driving cars, etc. All this is called Internet of Things. The top 10 most popular areas where IoT is used includes the automotive sector. 

The need for innovations in vehicle safety and security is due to the rapid increase in the number of cars. Almost every year, new systems appear that reduce the risk of accidents; however, it has still not been possible to completely eliminate collisions. The developers do not lose hope of achieving maximum safety and offer drivers new solutions. Some implementations quickly gain popularity, while others have yet to win the hearts of car enthusiasts. We will talk about the innovations of both groups, which also include Benish GPS car alarms.

New vehicle security technologies 2023-2024

One of the main areas of work in this field is car automation using autopilots. Until recently, this was considered science fiction; but today autopilots are gradually becoming a reality. Autonomous systems can solve many of the assigned tasks. For example, these vehicle security systems successfully recognize unexpected objects on the road. Another new feature is driving through complex intersections in heavy traffic.

Other technological vehicle security solutions remain relevant this year as well.

  • Smartphone integration makes a mobile communication tool an extension of the car’s electronic systems. Thanks to special applications, the driver can make calls from the central console of the car and at the same time drive carefully.
  • Augmented reality is another technology from the future. It transmits the information necessary for the driver to the windshield. An example of using augmented reality is displaying navigation data.

Internet of Things has caused a transformational evolution of vehicle safety and security. Traditional alarms have evolved beyond their usual roles to become intelligent systems that offer unprecedented control and convenience. With IoT integration, users can now leverage the power of smart apps to remotely control their vehicle’s safety and security features. This goes beyond simply activating an alarm, allowing users to initiate advanced features such as auto-start directly from a dedicated mobile app. This symbiosis between the Internet of Things and vehicle safety enhances safety measures and demonstrates the seamless integration of advanced technologies into our daily lives, ushering in a new era of smart and intelligent vehicle systems.  

Active safety alarm systems

One of the elements of car safety is alarms. Firstly, they ensure the safety of the car during theft attempts. Secondly, satellite systems help track the movement of stolen vehicles anywhere in the country and beyond. And thirdly, they have a wide range of functions that enhance the safety of the driver, passengers and the car itself on the road.

Brand Most popular models Advantages Disadvantages
Benish GUARD Force, Benish GPS
  • Force LIGHT
  • Force
  • Force+
  • Force Unlimited


– Benish GPS satellite systems, being most progressively improved with the latest technology.

– Ensure maximum protection against theft.

– Force Unlimited features a unique Road Assistance service, which involves any assistance on the road.

– Transmission of data on the condition and location of the car to its own control center every second. 



Technologically and functionally first in Ukraine. For some car enthusiasts the price of the systems may be a disadvantage, starting from 23,940 UAH. However, its excellent quality completely compensates for it. 


Vodafone Guardian

– The system provides protection outside of Ukraine without roaming.

– Contactless Driver Cards and panic button are included.

– Automatic checks of the vehicle condition.

– The driver must independently respond to the alarm signals.

– The price is higher than the average for alarms. But among satellite systems it is one of the most affordable (from 28,776 UAH excluding maintenance).


  • CONNECT Plus Special Edition
  • CONNECT Plus
  • CONNECT Keyless

– Response to a large number of external impacts.

– Smartphone synchronization option.

– Outsourced solution.

– Does not protect against jammers.

– The highest price on the market for similar functions, starting from 28,700 UAH.


Dream Security
  • Dream Security White
  • Dream Security Black

– Protection against code grabbers.

– In-house technical support.

– Affordable price, from 11,499 UAH.

– The number of options is very limited compared to products of other brands. It’s more like just a panic button than a full-fledged vehicle security system


– Simple, easy to integrate and manage device.

– In case of theft, ensures highly accurate vehicle tracking (up to 5 m).

– Price from 8,528 UAH.

– Not the best solution for premium cars due to the limited range of functions.

Vam System
  • Vam R1
– The alarm blocks 6-7 main parts of the car.

– Simple configuration does not ensure reliable anti-theft protection.


Automatic emergency brake and stability control systems

This system is designed to recognize dangerous situations on the road as quickly as possible. If the driver reacts quickly, the automatic brake will not apply. Otherwise, the system intervenes in vehicle control and activates emergency automatic braking. How do such intelligent systems work in cars?

  • Built-in sensors recognize and determine the distance to hazards before the driver even notices them.
  • The received information is processed in a matter of seconds, after which the system sends audio and visual signals to the driver.
  • If there is no or incorrect response from the driver, the emergency brake is activated automatically.

Integrated cameras and sensors

Modern vehicle technologies help overcome emergency situations and make the driver’s life as comfortable as possible. One of them, video surveillance devices – cameras – deserve special attention. They can be remote and integrated. The latter include parking sensor cameras, which make parking much easier.

Sensors are another category of assistants, essential for many modern car devices. A sensor is nothing more than a probe in a car. Its task is to receive and react to signals and impacts.

Anticollision and lane-keep assist systems

Even the most experienced drivers are not immune to mistakes. Unfortunately, their price may be too high. Anticollision and lane-keep assist systems help avoid mistakes. These electronic road assistants are becoming truly indispensable. Collision protection recognizes any obstacles – pedestrians, cars, etc. Once detected, the system generates sound, light and even tactile signals. Lane-keep assist system works in a similar way but reacts to deviations of the car from a given trajectory while driving.

Passive safety systems: conclusion

Thus, road safety and new technologies are directly related. The more efficient and reliable electronic assistants become, the less chance of a road accident or car damage the driver has. This is why you should not be cheap with such devices because they save your money on car repairs, and in some cases, save health and even life.

If you care about the safety of your car, then buy a modern Benish GPS car alarm. Unlike other brands, it offers the best functionality and protection in emergency situations. Got interested? Contact the company’s consultants right now!

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