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Benish Guard: the perfect combination of mobility and safety

Modern technology has made tremendous progress in recent years and now it is hard to imagine life without a smartphone and other electronic gadgets. Thus, owners of the Benish GUARD satellite system of any of the 4 complete sets, in addition to obvious advantages in the form of reliable anti-theft protection in the 24/7 mode, can independently obtain up-to-date information on the status and location of their car directly on the smartphone using a special Olympia Tracking mobile application.

Mobile application Olympia Tracking is available for free download for smartphones with operating systems iOS and Android. To obtain a personal login and password, through which access to the application is made, it is necessary to contact the Benish GPS manager. In the future, you can change the password. The application can be configured in such a way that in one account you can see one of your cars, and several, if they are equipped with Benish GUARD.

The main function of Olympia Tracking is displaying data on the car status, and in the main menu you can take advantage of such additional features as creating a report for a certain period of time and viewing the full history of trips, choosing the type of map, get detailed information about the car and the Benish GUARD system:

  • General information. Information about the current car location, the system status (auto-armed or the system is inactive), and the time of receiving the last message from the system.
  • Location data. The exact coordinates of the vehicle, the current speed, and the total mileage since the installation of the system.
  • Technical specifications. The level of car and Benish GUARD battery charge. Also, the application shows whether the ignition is on or off and whether the vehicle’s doors are closed or open.

Note that the fullest Benish GUARD configuration – ULTRA contains very detailed information on the vehicle movement, route, speed, and location. Also, a function of viewing the current status of car systems is available.

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