Planning a trip abroad by car? Don’t forget to activate roaming!


There can be many reasons for going abroad: a long-awaited vacation, study or business trip. In February 2022, the reality of Ukrainians changed dramatically and almost the only reason for leaving was the war.

Benish GPS continues to save the transport of Ukrainians both in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Call the Benish GPS Dispatch Center +380(44) 49 44 997 at least a day before departure and inform about the trip. Specialists will reconfigure the satellite anti-theft system on your car and activate the roaming service. But if you left in a hurry or simply forgot to activate roaming in advance, in 80% of cases we can do it outside of Ukraine. But it is important to contact the Dispatch Center as soon as possible.

Benish has many successful examples of activating the service on vehicles that have already been abroad. But we recommend not to take risks and warn about the trip in advance. Only in this case, you can be sure of the successful configuration and correct operation of the Benish Guard system.

In the meantime, we want to share one story:

The client left Ukraine to escape the military actions. Communication with the car was lost because the owner did not activate roaming. A couple of months later, he called Benish, said that he was in Greece and his Range Rover had disappeared from the parking lot. The client asked to help in the car search. Benish technicians managed to enable roaming remotely, and the Dispatch Center operators tracked the moment when the system would get in touch. As soon as this happened, they blocked the car and gave the client the coordinates of its location. The next day, the client called back and said that the police found the car at the specified coordinates. He thanked for the work and extended the roaming service.

Roaming provides full functionality of the car security system anywhere in the world. The operator of the Benish GPS Dispatch Center 24/7 monitors the signals from the system and informs the car owner in case of a threat. You can also track the car yourself through a mobile application.