Immediate prevention of unauthorized vehicle use for AVIS

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The Benish GPS Dispatch Center received a signal about the AVIS Company’s car Toyota Camry crossing the borders of Ukraine on the 2nd of July, 2014.

The car was equipped with the GPS vehicle monitoring system from Benish GPS  and was under the round the clock movement control. In case of  violation of  the car leasing contract  about the possibilities of vehicle movement within the country and beyond, the Benish GPS Dispatch Center receives an instant alert.

Thus all the information about the Toyota Camry location and the direction of its movement was passed by Benish GPS operator to an  AVIS company’s representative in order to clarify the situation and for the vehicle’s detention in case of necessity. After a detailed clarification the car was transferred to the international roaming mode for an AVIS customer convenience.

“To ensure the safety of our customers and vehicle fleet, any alarm events and alert from the Benish GPS Dispatch Center have special meaning for us. In April of current year a team of Dispatch Center prevented a hijacking of our car. Immediate response to all signals of a car and its movement demonstrates the high efficiency of cooperation with Benish GPS.”

Andrey Bovenko Director of transportation and rental services of Avis Ukraine

The Benish GPS Dispatch Center provides an immediate response to all alarms and improper vehicle exploitation. In case of determination of such violations all further actions are confirmed with the competent persons of the company the vehicle of which is under the risk of unauthorized activities.

Avis is the world biggest car rental and leasing Corporation. It numbers about 5 000 offices in 185 countries and has more than 60 years old history. Total company’s fleet as of today is above 2 000 cars of various models.

Since 2011 the company works closely together with Benish GPS, introducing innovative integrated solutions based on GPS technology for the fleet management optimization.

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