Safe driving with Benish EcoDriving

For optimizing the work of employees, business owners install special devices that help to reduce fuel costs, maintain the car for a longer time and obey the traffic law. One of such devices is Benish EcoDriving that allows improving the driving style quality and safety of each driver. How exactly does the Benish EcoDriving system affect the level of driver’s driving, even an experienced one?

The functions of Benish EcoDriving includes tracking data on the main driving indicators: location, vehicle mileage, overspeeding, and long idle time with the engine running and transferring it to a special platform. The software allows building various reports, as well as determining the degree of an accident severity based on the received data from the built-in accelerometer. All indicators are expressed in safety points and based on them you may build an individual system of motivation for employees.

All received information delivers not only to the server but also to the personal driver panel. Using the panel, installed in the car, the driver monitors online the main driving indicators and avoids dangerous maneuvers and breakdowns. Audio and visual prompts allow not to abstract from the road as all data is received. The parameters can be set individually for each car:

  • sudden acceleration and braking
  • sharp cornering
  • overspeeding
  • long standby unattended time with the running engine
  • off-road driving

EcoDriving panel

Benish EcoDriving helps drivers to drive the car better and obey the traffic law. Therefore, the fleet managers, who have the Benish EcoDriving system installed on the cars, will have an opportunity to optimize and control its operation better.

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