satellite vehicle security in 2024 who needs

Satellite vehicle security in 2024: who needs?

All anti-theft systems are designed to protect vehicles from unauthorized access by criminals. At the same time, some of them prevent entry into the car, others prevent the engine from starting. A complex system that performs both of the above-mentioned functions is extremely popular among car owners. However, this is not all the proposals from the developers of anti-theft devices. The most “advanced” protection option is satellite security systems. As an advantage, they have additional autonomous GPS tools that will help as a last chance to find the stolen car. This market segment is actively developing, devices are becoming more and more efficient, and Benish GPS anti-theft systems promise to be unprecedented in 2024.

2024: why introduce satellite vehicle security?

The answer is quite simple. Security in the 2024 automotive industry continues to evolve and so do criminals. They have long and successfully learned to cope with mechanical means of protection. Many car alarms will not stop them. The only means of defense that can truly effectively counter car thieves remains satellite vehicle security systems. The best offer on the Ukrainian market is Benish GPS satellite solutions for cars, and in particular the new product, Benish GUARD Force Unlimited. Compared to other brands of satellite vehicle security systems, it has a wide range of advantages:

  • anti-jamming function, which nullifies attempts to hide the stolen car;
  • annual trends in car security show that introducing autonomous GPS modules into systems is one of the solutions. Force Unlimited uses the Benish Track LTE autonomous module. The main advantage is the ability to transfer data even when the car’s battery is completely discharged;
  • To maximize GPS vehicle security, anti-theft systems require sufficient power. Benish GUARD Force Unlimited is the undisputed leader in this matter. The power of its GSM receivers and modem is 20 times higher than that of other similar systems; and thanks to 4G equipment, data exchange occurs at maximum speed.

All this makes sense to introduce satellite security in 2024, and there is an ideal option among satellite vehicle security systems in Ukraine!

Нужна ли Вам спутниковая авто безопасность в 2024

Road safety in 2024: the role of satellite vehicle security

Modern satellite anti-theft systems can hardly be called just car alarms. In addition to providing data transmission via satellite communications, they have a wide range of other useful functions. For example, the 2024 automotive technologies significantly improve road safety. How do they do this? Here are just a few interesting examples.

  • Prevention of emergency situations

Modern satellite systems can control the movement of a car in real time, preventing possible collisions. Additional road safety benefits of satellite systems include remote emergency braking and speed control.

  • Emergency assistance

Even 100% abidance by traffic regulations and a sound vehicle do not guarantee absolute safety on the road. The cause of emergency situations can be other road users, bad weather conditions, a sharp deterioration in the driver’s condition and other factors. In such cases, only emergency assistance from the control center can save the situation, for which the satellite signal of your system will become a “panic button”. 

As you can see, road safety technologies may well become one of the key factors in improving safety in 2024. They keep safe not only one individual vehicle but also other road users. 

Risk analysis: challenges of satellite non-connected vehicles

Theft statistics in recent years proves a high risk of losing a car. At the same time, expensive premium cars are increasingly attracting the attention of criminals. Car thieves steal all cars, but luxury ones are their “coveted prize”. Disassembled into parts, luxury cars bring them extremely high profits. This means that the greatest danger for cars not equipped with a satellite system is the risk of theft. In addition, owners who save on a high-quality anti-theft system will face other problems.

  • Limited monitoring

A simple car alarm is not always able to protect against intruders entering the vehicle. And once stolen, search for the car can be long and to no luck.

  • No timely assistance in emergency situations

Not a single driver is immune to problems on the roads. If the emergency occurs within or close to the city, you will most likely get help. The situation is different on highways that run far from populated areas. Such places usually have extremely poor mobile communications. Therefore, 4G LTE equipment of Benish GPS Force Unlimited increases your chance to “catch a signal” and always stay in touch, which is impossible with low-cost alarms. 

Another important condition for increasing road safety with the help of a satellite security system is the correct choice of satellite alarm. Preference should be given to proven products with an optimal set of functions for your car. The Benish GUARD anti-theft system can be such a device. You can choose the most suitable model on the website or by contacting the company’s consultants. There is no time for your car security like the present.  

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