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The in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) today has become an integral part of successful corporations with a large fleet of vehicles. After all, every SME’s owner monthly faces the cost of maintaining even a few vehicles – fuel, depreciation, and labor costs of drivers. Controlling the key vehicle parameters, fuel consumption, efficient routing will allow to reduce costs for from fifteen to thirty percent. Benish GPS provides complex tracking solutions including Benish Control, Benish Logistic, Benish Easy Track, and Benish Eco Driving. The most optimal for SMEs is the Benish Logistic monitoring system.

Benish Logistic is mapping vehicle history, controlling mileage and ignition status in real-time, allows setting geofences and speed limits. It is a perfect system for tracking performance, controlling drivers, and presenting results.

Benish Logistic’s clear advantage is the possibility to add modules for control of additional doors opening, attached and towing equipment operation, fuel level, and temperature monitoring. The driver identification and the alert button could be installed for safety and preventing vehicles from being stolen.

With a web-based platform that can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet or computer with Internet capabilities, the software displays the vehicle’s historical activity, providing all activity including when the vehicle starts, parks, travels speeds, and idles. Mileage driven throughout the day is also included. Summary statistics give you totals of mileage traveled, mileage speeding, time in transit, time speeding, time idling, and time parked. All generated reports can be easily customized, printed, or exported.

Benish Logistic Software

As practice shows, the implementation of the Benish Logistic monitoring system optimizes your fleet operations, improves driver safety, curbs unauthorized vehicle use, and improves overall efficiency. Benefitting from improved operational efficiency allows you to save up to twenty percent of expenses for the maintenance of corporate vehicles. Reducing the costs, the owner of SMEs, respectively, increases their incomes.

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