How to make the right choice of the satellite security system

Exploitation of a car in a modern megalopolis often forces owners to leave their “iron friends” outside of guarded parking. Coming to a business meeting, a lunch or just dropping into a beauty salon, you are hardly find a suitable parking. In most cases, parking will have to be in any more or less convenient place, and then, walking away from the car, banishing the thought, “what if something.” Knowingly in one famous film, was expressed the phrase about tension because of a few tens of thousands of conventional units “are simply thrown on the pavement, and also equipped with wheels.” A satellite security system can save you from such thoughts. Now the market has a lot of options for satellite systems, but how to make the right choice and purchase a system that will suit your car?

Benish GPS company presents 4 complectations of the most popular satellite system Benish GUARD – Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra, each of which has its own set of functions, and of course, the main task remains to protect the car from any attempted theft. The basis of all the complectations is the identification of the driver. Only after entering the personal code by which the system recognizes the car owner, it is possible to deactivate the armed mode and start the engine. The Benish GUARD units are created based on the class division of cars, installed in official dealer centers, so the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained during the installation of the system.

BENISH GUARD PREMIUM is the basic complectation of the system, providing a standard level of vehicle protection. In the case of unauthorized access or the introduction of incorrect code on the keyboard, the engine will be blocked, further movement of the car is impossible, and will promptly called response services to the scene. The Premium package is recommended for most cars in the budget and mid-price segment.

BENISH GUARD PLATINUM. The presence of an alarm button, located, like the keyboard, in the car in a convenient for the driver place, allows you to contact immediately the dispatch center. For an additional level of safety, the system provides control of the impact, tilt or tow of the car and is perfectly suited for installation on cars of medium and higher price category.

BENISH GUARD ELITE is designed for premium cars, costing from two million hryvnia. In addition to the above functions of the previous configuration, Elite reacts to the extrusion of glass, penetration and any movements in the car’s interior. At the request of the car owner, company provided a driver’s mark, which allows the car to be withdrawn from the protection mode without contact. The system has a number of anti-vandal functions: fixing the breaking of glass, impact, tilt and attempt to tow the car.

To date, BENISH GUARD ULTRA is a new complectation of the system and provides the maximum level of protection of the car against theft and attempts of external encroachments. To the owner was completely calm for his car, the system fixes the movement with the ignition off, detects an accident. Safety provides response to the breaking and extrusion of glass, movement in the cabin, strokes and attempts to tow, as well as unauthorized opening of doors/hood/trunk. The contactless driver’s mark makes possible to instantly take the car off the guard mode without entering the code on the keyboard. Automatic activation of roaming allows to be in touch with the dispatch center in 43i countries of the world, without wasting time and money on connecting the service in roaming. In addition, the car owner can use the system as a monitoring tool and analyze the history, route, speed and duration of trips.

All alarms from the Benish GUARD system are sent to the Benish GPS dispatch center. And if for any reason the client or his authorized representative is unavailable, the dispatcher is authorized to independently block the movement of the car and call emergency response services. Also the operators will contact the owner if it is made an attempt to damage or if the system has been disconnected from the power supply and reminded of a critically low battery charge of the car. Round-the-clock support will help the client in any situation and will answer all the questions of interest.

The client can obtain current information on the status and location of the car not only in the dispatch center, but also in the mobile application Olympia Tracking. All he need to do is to download the application for free on smartphone based on Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store).

To summarize, we can say that the satellite system Benish GUARD will allow you to know and prevent any attempts to penetrate your car, no matter what complectation you install. One of the important aspects is that the Benish GUARD system is recommended by all official importers and car dealers in Ukraine, and during the installation keeps the manufacturer’s guarantee. When choosing a car in a motor show, don’t forget to take care of its safety, choosing together with the manager a suitable complete set of the satellite anti-theft system Benish GUARD.

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