top vehicle security tips 2024

TOP vehicle security tips 2024

What is the most important thing in a car? The answer is quite subjective, isn’t it? For a large family, the main requirement will be spaciousness. Some people care about the appearance of their car, so they choose a model with a memorable design. A thrifty owner will say that the most important thing in a car is affordability. This can be both the cost of the car, and the price of its maintenance, repairs, and especially fuel consumption. But there is one undeniable feature – car safety. This is what we will talk about.

Car ride safety

Of course, the main condition for car safety in 2024 remains its serviceability. It depends not only on the make and model of a car but also on the habits of the owner. Don’t forget about regular maintenance and checks to promptly identify and fix the problem. Other car safety tips are more specific.


“I didn’t see” is the answer that police officers very often hear from a driver involved in an accident. The cause of it is worth looking into in more detail. Very often the cause is the dirty windshield. When it rains, visibility is impaired by the flow of water running down the windshield. Do not forget to check the condition of the wipers. As soon as they tear and wear, change them. Speaking of windshield wipers, it is worth mentioning washer fluid, which likes to run out at the most inopportune moment. Advice: carry a bottle of washer fluid with you in the trunk.
Modern parking sensors help improve visibility of the area behind the car and increase the car parking safety.

Dashboard camera

This tool has been around for a long time, so it can hardly be called an innovation in car safety in 2024. However, dash cams are evolving, becoming more and more effective. Modern models record everything that happens on the road and warn of a possible collision. New products have GPS support for monitoring coordinates and speed, record from several cameras, and provide vehicle security while parked. The latter function is provided by a sensitive G-sensor, which reacts to movement almost instantly.

At the same time, dash cameras are far from an alternative to a car alarm in preventing car theft in 2024. Even modern devices remain primarily a way to protect yourself after an accident, when the recording is used as evidence of innocence. 

Smart car and safety in 2024

Speaking about smart cars, many people imagine an unmanned vehicle that is run by artificial intelligence. Indeed, such cars can no longer be considered science fiction. In the future they, quite possibly, will turn into favorites of the automobile market. In the meantime, a “smart car” is a compact, convenient and functional device that increases driving safety in 2024. A worthy example of such a safety tool is the BeConnected telematics system from Benish GPS. It notifies you of dangerous maneuvers, controls speed limits, coolant temperature, engine operation, fuel consumption, etc.

What systems ensure car security against theft? 

Satellite anti-theft systems are one of the TOP vehicle security systems in 2024. In the absence of hacking attempts, such devices are in standby mode. As soon as an emergency situation occurs, the device’s sensors generate a “silent” alarm. Next, driver authorization is required. If it occurs, the alarm response mode is turned off; otherwise, a loud alarm is turned on and the signal is transmitted to the owner and to the control center (if any).

Benish GUARD alarms

The Ukrainian market has car alarms of several manufacturers. The undisputed leader is Benish GUARD, new generation car security systems.

The Benish GUARD satellite car alarm system combines the highest security and comfort!

Enjoy the functions such as auto start, interior heating, central locking control, ‘low tag battery’ sound alarm and much more.

Security meets the latest technologies: an autonomous GPS car search module, an emergency response panic button, a GUARDBlocker car anti-theft system, SpaceGUARD car perimeter impact indicators, a 3D impact control sensor, etc., with a total of more than 8 levels of protection against car theft. For detailed information, please contact Benish experts: +380 44 49 44 999

Benish Force car alarms include anti-jamming systems. The built-in GUARDBlocker identifies the jammer and instantly responds to its impact. If you try to jam the GSM signal, the system activates multi-level protection to counter potential theft. Benish GUARD identifies intruders’ devices by signal interference and instantly stops attempts to block the radio signal. When switching off, the system completely blocks the car and triggers a light and sound display to attract attention.

  • Always in touch! In case of an emergency, the system automatically notifies the client in the mobile application and sends an alarm to the Benish GPS control center. The Benish Force devices monitor operability of car alarms every second. The user can view the vehicle’s location, battery charge level, and travel history in real time.
  • To update the mobile application, software updates for car security in 2024 are released constantly. This is the only way to maintain car alarms competitive and able to withstand the growing “professionalism” of attackers. 
  • Online control and monitoring of the system status. The owner and specialists of the control center receive notifications about the vehicle’s alarm monitoring data, battery charge loss, and the latest coordinates of the vehicle’s movement.
  • A wireless implant relay with an accelerometer reliably blocks the car if it is stolen. No chance for car thieves to detect the anti-theft device. It is hidden in the car’s electronics as discreetly as possible. Even when the main alarm unit is turned off, the relay blocks the fuel supply, ignition and other controls, which reliably immobilizes the vehicle.

Force majeure

In fact, all modern car safety technologies in 2024 respond almost instantly to emergency situations. Incident data is sent to phone numbers connected to the device. The most reliable option is to use anti-theft systems in 2024, synchronized with the control center. In addition, the car should also have simpler but no less important safety tools.

Fire extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in a car is regulated by traffic rules and many drivers purchase it solely to avoid a fine. In fact, a fire extinguisher may be the only way to save your car and even survive a fire. Do not choose the smallest one. One liter will not be enough to extinguish a fire. Better opt for a 2–3-liter fire extinguisher.

First aid kit

Another way to enhance the safety of the driver and passengers is not just to purchase a standard first aid kit but to fill it with high-quality content. It should contain modern analogues of hemostatic agents (tourniquet, special napkins, etc.), painkillers and sorbents.


Thus, vehicle safety needs to be approached comprehensively. The best option is to use all available means, which can protect your vehicle from breakdown, theft, fire, unlawful actions on the part of participants in an accident, and even from headache. If you don’t know how to protect your car in 2024, contact Benish GPS and try the most advanced anti-theft system. It won’t save you from headache but can significantly improve the safety of all other aspects.

For detailed information, please contact Benish GPS consultants!

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