want to buy a remote start car alarm in ukraine

Want to buy a remote start car alarm in Ukraine?

There is a good folk saying: the lower the air temperature outside, the higher the interest of car owners in remote start. Especially for those who do not have underground parking or an insulated garage. Let’s try to figure out together which system to choose, how much it costs and what, in fact, it is needed for. 

How much does it cost to install an alarm with a remote start on a car?

How much does it cost to purchase and install an alarm with a remote start? An ordinary alarm with a remote start may be inexpensive but what about its quality and will it meet all your needs? This is already an “extra credit question”. Benish GPS offers you a choice of various service packages, which, in addition to car protection, include a remote start function, depending on your planned budget and the required set of options. From a completely affordable economical to premium offers to satisfy even the most demanding buyer. 

How to choose the right one: Benish GPS recommendations

The first thing to note is the country of origin of the product. Few people will like it if your personal data falls into the wrong hands. We exclude systems from the aggressor country, which makes a significant part of the proposals. Let’s see what has left.

The second is your willingness to pay a monthly subscription fee for your own comfort and security. Round-the-clock control with every second satellite monitoring, a call from the dispatcher in case of an intrusion attempt and many more options – all this is available in car protection with subscriber services. 

The third is the above-mentioned service from the official car manufacturer. 

Can I install a remote start in my car?

Unfortunately, not all cars can be equipped with the remote start. Almost all Japanese and Korean cars – Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai – have no problems with it. The case of cars made in or assembled for the American market is individual but there are usually no problems with Ford and Dodge. 

It is practically impossible to install remote start in European car makes (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Land Rover, Citroen, Seat). This is due to the factory limitations of the electronics from the car manufacturer. Some folk craftsmen hide the second standard key in the car interior (and it works) but Benish GPS specialists do not advise doing this, as the car becomes more vulnerable to theft. 

All you need to know about remote start: purpose and principle of operation

The principle of operation of the remote start is easy. By clicking a button in the mobile application, you will send a command to the satellite system to activate the remote start. The alarm unit is connected to the ignition and activates the engine starter. The block box itself has a very compact size, like a bank car, so you can hide it in many places inside the car. There were cases when installation specialists could not find the unit they had installed during disassembly. Let alone intruders who need to find and turn off the car alarm within 30 seconds. This is practically unreal. 

Remote start in summer and winter

In winter the remote start is turned on for engine warm-up and interior heating, while in summer it is used for cooling. Imagine, it’s hell outside, you open the car door, and there is an oasis of coolness… 

Where can you install an alarm with the remote start?

There are many options that differ both in price and in quality. 

  1. You buy a box with a set of components and install the alarm by yourself. Bad idea, as tampering with the car’s complex electrical system can have very sad consequences. You are lucky if they are only financial. 
  2. You take the aforementioned box to the nearest service station, where it will be installed for you. It’s better but not perfect. The specialists of this service station may not have dealt with this system. Are you ready for someone to learn how to install an unfamiliar system on your car? Not sure. 
  3. If the car is new and under warranty, then you have to install it at an official car dealer, because there is a real chance to void an official warranty. 
  4. Ideally, you should buy and install a remote start alarm system from official dealers of manufacturers (for example, Benish GPS), who have been selling these systems for more than one year and have warranty obligations to the buyer. They usually have their service stations and a network of experienced partners in the regions, where they will quickly and efficiently install your system.


The remote start is connected to the car together with the Benish satellite system. Actually, this is a multifunctional device. And its set of options makes it a “smartphone” among the simplest push-button phones. You pay for the installation once, which is important for saving time and money, and do not need to disassemble the car twice. 

Buy a remote start alarm system from the market leader Benish GPS at an affordable price with delivery and installation in any city of Ukraine! (for more information, please contact the manager)

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