Your car is in your hand

Since their advent, smartphones have come a long way from a simple instrument for accessing to the Internet to a full-fledged assistant of modern people. Now with their help, you can do almost everything: remotely turn on an electric kettle, order a ticket for a plane or train, go through a remote training course and even get a diploma confirmation for it. Their field of application has expanded from “surfing” the Internet right up to integration into car security systems. For example, owners of the satellite security system Benish GUARD for several years have the opportunity to receive online information of their car status and location directly to the smartphone by downloading the free Olympia Tracking mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

While developing the application, the emphasis was placed on maintaining the confidentiality of the data. Therefore, the login and the first password, which can be changed later, are provided by Benish GPS company manager*. The application displays data from both one and several cars and all your cars you can track in one place. Do you remember that by protecting several cars with Benish GUARD system, you get the benefit of up to 5000 UAH

main function of Olympia Tracking is displaying of data on the car status, and in the main menu, you can use such additional features as creating a history report, selecting a map view, general settings, and updating the system status.

Report on the history. There is a possibility to create reports for a certain period and view the full history of trips. 

Type of the map. Available maps from satellite or Google Maps, which are constantly updated and display only the latest information. 

Settings. Set up the notifications which you want to receive from the system or systems if you have added several cars to the application. In addition to standard notifications from the system, you can set  unique notifications for different parameters:

  • the serial number of the system;
  • day of the week;
  • time of day;
  • reason.

The last message from the system will be displayed on the top of the panel in the application.

Update. For getting the latest information about the status of the car, you just need to update the app with the help of this function.

Olympia Tracking Main Menu

After setting the desired parameters, selecting a particular vehicle, the detailed information about the car will be displayed: general information, location data, state of inputs, and outputs.

General information. Information about the location of the car, the status of the system (auto on guard or the system is inactive), and the time of receiving the last message from the system.

Location data. The exact coordinates of the vehicle, the current speed, and the total mileage since the installation of the system.

Status of inputs and outputs. The level of charge of the battery and the charge of the security system itself. In addition, the application shows whether the ignition is on or off and whether the vehicle’s doors are closed or open.

Vehicle details

All received data can be stored on a smartphone or you can send it via messenger, for example, Telegram.

It should be noted that in the fullest configuration of the Benish GUARD – ULTRA the application displays the movement of the vehicle as much as possible: route, speed, and location. Also available a function of viewing the status of car systems.

Smartphones make our life more convenient and easier, the world is closer, and solve routine tasks literally in a second. And now, due to the Olympia Tracking application, the safety of your car will also become for you the most simple task.

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