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ZIP-AUTO company news is the partner of the company Benish GPS. Preliminary treatment of wheel alignment camber of car wheel is just in 90 seconds. The ZIP-AUTO Company, autoservice branch of “UKRAUTO”, begins deliveries to the enterprises  corporations of the innovative equipment of HunterEngineering production for the preliminary treatment of wheel alignment camber of car wheels, including the wheel alignment up-dated models which turn traditional 20-minute wheel alignment angle verification process into almost fleeting procedure taking only 90 seconds! Maximum efficiency of the stand for quick check of the wheel alignment angle (WAA) of QuickCheck is provided thanks to adapters of new generation of QuickGrip with three-dimensional targets of HawkEyeElite, cameras of high resolution and the up-dated software, which well coordinated work results in specific definition of front and back total misalignment of car wheels, and also disorder of the right and left wheel camber on each axis. At that, there is no need to adhere adapter centering, it is enough to install it in any way on a wheel and to fix with the help of lever. The special design of the adapter capture allows installing it practically on any wheel at the expense of quick-change hooks of different length, excepting “metal-metal” contact. For the WAA check it isn’t required to drive a car on the elevator: there is enough that the car was on the level floor between two holders of the stand. As a result of check the QuickCheck system gives out the listing with recommendations about each wheel and an explanation of consequences to which excessive wheel alignment angle lead.

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Technical specifications of the stand for quick check of the wheel alignment angle (WAA) of QuickCheck • Model: WQ332DT • Processing unit: 3.06GHzIntel® Core™ i3 • Rigid disk: 4 GBofDDR3 SDRAM • Drive: DVD-RW/CD-RWdrive • Monitor: 24″ LCD • Modem: provided • Operating system: Windows® 7 • Database of cars (for the last 30 years): 2 years of free updating • Number of cameras: 4 pcs. • Configuration of cameras: travel version • Mobile carts for  the adapter storage: yes • Software: HunterQuickCheck • Multimedia support: provided • Targets 3D: 4pcs., HawkEyeElite • Adapter: 4pcs., QuickGrip • Angle measurement: to 400

About the HunterEngineering company (USA): it develops, produces and delivers the wide equipment range for light vehicles and freighters operation, including computer stands of wheel alignment cambers and lift platforms, braked lines and bracket analyzers, balancing and tire fitting machines, and also brake discs and drum lathes. The HunterEngineering Company is the world leader in the field of automobile systems of wheel alignment cambers. The professional team of specialists of the company developed and patented a set of exclusive technologies which made its equipment highly effective, profitable and fast-paid back.

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