Индикатор ОutGUARD

Индикатор ОutGUARD

Умный 3D-контроль внешнего воздействия.

Реагирует на удар, наклон и перемещение с выключенным зажиганием.

Похищение авто с использованием эвакуатора? ОutGUARD реагирует даже в таком случае!

Максимальная защита — максимально удобно.

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Nonna Ryja
Our partnership with Benish GPS will allow us to work together to make car insurance services more accessible and comfortable for customers. You can be sure of the safety and safety of your own car!
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Индикатор ОutGUARD

Contactless Driver Cards

100 USD

Universal Lock Relay

Panic button HelpControl

Benish EcoDriving

Driver Cards Force

200 USD

Benish EcoDriving information panel

Tracker Benish Track

Case for Benish Guard Force tag

Why is it worth to install Benish Track?          
In case of theft, only one call to the Dispatch Center and the location of the car is detected
The device works autonomously. No interference with vehicle electronics
The device cannot be detected by any means, because it is in sleep mode and communicates only at the set time.
Advanced geopositioning capabilities: thanks to powerful GPS and LBS modems (determines coordinates even in enclosed spaces)
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