best vehicle anti theft devices 2024

Best vehicle anti-theft devices 2024: rating and review

Modern cars are equipped with anti-theft devices at the production stage. This should protect the vehicle as much as possible from intruders but new cars without additional protection are stolen quite often. The reason is simple. Manufacturers use inexpensive anti-theft tools easy to break for scammers. This means that each owner must choose additional protection for their car – anti-theft vehicle devices 2024.

Top new products: which anti-theft devices to choose in 2024

2024 has just begun and can already offer car fans a new product, Benish GUARD Force Unlimited satellite security system. To be completely honest, it hit the market last December but would certainly reach its peak in 2024. The model offers a lot of advantages.

  • Unprecedented power. Force Unlimited is 20 times more powerful than all Benish GUARD legacy tools. This was achieved through the use of 2G\4G\LTE GSM receivers and modems, which ensures quick and reliable data exchange.
  • Autonomous tracking. If you look for the best anti-theft methods in 2024, a system with a stand-alone Benish Track LTE search module will be a top choice. The GPS module will help determine the location of the vehicle even when the car battery is completely discharged!
  • Road Assistance from Benish GUARD is a completely new level of customer support. Benish GUARD Force Unlimited offers drivers an updated list of services on the road, including tire service, fuel delivery, tow truck, etc.

Of course, other new vehicle anti-theft products will certainly enter the market in 2024, and we will certainly discuss their features with you.  

Expert advice: how to choose your optimal vehicle anti-theft device

Before choosing an anti-theft device for your car, learn the main categories of security devices. All equipment is divided into 2 large groups: mechanical and electronic devices. Many consider mechanical protection obsolete, nevertheless, it is still available on the market. These include all kinds of locks and interlocks that are installed on the steering wheel, pedals, gearbox, etc. Such devices are low-efficient and as affordable as possible.

Electronic anti-theft devices are as follows.

  • The simplest option is an immobilizer. It prevents unauthorized start of the engine.
  • A more “advanced” type of device is a car alarm. It not only blocks the engine but controls the central locking and generates an alarm signal in the event of an attempted theft.
  • Satellite systems have the greatest efficiency as they ensure maximum protection.

The cost and effectiveness of vehicle anti-theft devices directly interdependent. The most expensive are satellite systems but their price is paid back by security provided. 

Лучшие автомобильные противоугонные устройства 2024 года рейтинг и обзор

Vehicle security innovations 2024: what’s new

Notwithstanding that many anti-theft systems can be called technically ideal, experts continue to develop innovations in vehicle security in 2024. Priority areas include GPS tracking. It is used for various purposes. A GPS tracker is integrated into anti-theft systems so that the vehicle can be found via satellite in the event of theft. The most modern solution is an autonomous tracking system that transmits data even in the complete absence of power. Other interesting innovations include:

  • biometric systems help to recognize the vehicle owner by fingerprints or facial features;
  • “smart” mobile applications used for remote control of both security systems and other vehicle functions. Special programs start the engine, lock doors, track the movement of the car, control climate and autonomous heater, etc.

Already common immobilizers and electronic keys, cameras and sensors also do not go unnoticed by specialists. Developers strive to increase their functionality and, thereby, improve protection against theft.

Anti-theft systems: comparative analysis of functions and capabilities

The Ukrainian market offers multiple anti-theft systems, both domestic and foreign. They differ in the list of functions and, as a result, in price. Let’s look at the most popular of them.

Benish GUARD Force satellite anti-theft systems

The world-famous brand is represented by several models, some of which have already won the hearts of the Ukrainian consumer, while others appeared quite recently. Depending on the selected product and its configuration, Benish GUARD anti-theft systems can:

  • provide remote locking in case of attempted theft;
  • counteract “jammers” (the only system in Ukraine capable of resisting this type of impact);
  • trigger in a wide range of events, from mechanical break-in attempts to unauthorized start;
  • transmit data about the location of the stolen vehicle in offline mode (Force+ and Force Unlimited series).

It is worth to note that the Benish GPS service has also received positive reviews about vehicle anti-theft systems in 2024. The company has its own control center, providing customer support 24/7. In addition, there is a maximum financial car protection warranty of 2,000,000 UAH.  

VENBEST anti-theft systems

Next in our list of anti-theft devices for vehicles are VENBEST systems. Unlike the previous product, it is not the in-house solution. It also lacks several very useful features. One of them is protection from jammers. The advantages of VENBEST systems are as follows:

  • automatic synchronization with the car;
  • response to a large number of external impacts;
  • blocking of the vehicle movement when in an unauthorized attempt to start it.

Violation of the car’s security perimeter calls a quick response team, and, if necessary, the National Police.

Dream Security anti-theft systems

Many 2024 anti-theft system reviews include equipment from Dream Security. However, the systems can barely be called distinctive. Their list of advantages is quite modest:

  • does not protect against all impacts of code grabbers;
  • often fails automatical detection of attempts of mechanical impact;
  • has three communication channels, which ensures stable signal transmission via GSM/LTE networks.

Another advantage of the system could be the affordable price but it is completely negated by the unreasonably high cost of maintenance.

Upgrading vehicle security: practical tips and tricks

As you already understood, there are several methods to protect your car from theft. The most effective is a high-quality satellite system, one of the TOP 10 vehicle anti-theft systems. When choosing suitable equipment, please follow a few simple rules:

  • do not try to save money, as low-cost equipment will not ensure a high level of protection;
  • entrust installation and maintenance to experts;
  • always follow simple safety rules, even if they seem trivial.


If you are looking for maximum security of your car, then welcome to Benish GPS. Contact the market leader in advanced vehicle protection technologies. Remember that there has not yet been a single case of theft of a Benish-equipped car in Ukraine! 

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