benish satelite vehicle alarms differences and the right choice

Benish satellite vehicle alarms: differences and the right choice

Advantages of using satellite vehicle security systems.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of vehicle alarms.

If someone tells you that your car is 100% safe with their brand of vehicle security, turn around and walk away. Don’t buy from those who cheat at the outset. In the future, you cannot be sure that everything will be limited to this.

Nothing is impossible to steal. Like open any door, even of Fort Knox or the Pentagon headquarters, let alone a car alarm.

Therefore, the best that any security system can offer is to make access to the interior of the car as impossible as it can be, to prevent it from moving and to provide as much time as possible between trying to open the car and catching someone who likes to freeload. In other words, when you buy car insurance, you literally buy time BEFORE the car is stolen. 

The more reliable the alarm, the more time it saves for the car owner. The most reliable are satellite vehicle security systems with round-the-clock support from the control center.

Benish GPS always insist that it does not give a 100% guarantee that your car will not be opened. Everything can be opened. But vehicle security experts are practically sure of the quality of Benish protection systems and almost close-to-zero risk of theft. This confidence is what the Benish GPS Financial Guarantee Fund is based on: in case of confirmed theft, the company will pay from 500,000 UAH (Force Light) to 2,000,000 UAH (Force Unlimited).

Now that we have agreed to tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, let’s take a closer look at the entire line of Benish GUARD Force vehicle alarms and understand the difference between the various configurations.

Benish satellite vehicle alarms: choosing the best for your car.

benish satelite vehicle alarms differences and the right choice


The most interesting thing about Benish GUARD Force vehicle alarms is their single basis, the BG 0.7 central unit, which is the brain of the system. You can draw parallels with the foundation, which is the same for many buildings.

The basic configuration is Benish GUARD Force Light. Includes a reliable and smart alarm with 24/7 customer support, a mobile application, a panic button (to call for help in case of a threat to your safety) and a contactless tag. All Benish GUARD Force configurations do not have the keyboard that was in the previous generation of Benish GUARD systems. But there is Keyless locking and remote control via CAN or LIN digital buses.


On we go. Benish GUARD Force top configuration.

Continue building vehicle security: add the first floor to the basic foundation — anti-jamming. This function has already become the hallmark of Benish vehicle security thanks to the revolutionary GUARDBlocker technology, which instantly identifies and analyzes the impact of jammers.

So, here are two main Force advantages over Force Light.

  1. The above-mentioned protection against jamming is a high-tech GUARDBlocker sensor, which detects the “jammer” and notifies of an attempt to jam the GSM channel and instantly blocks the car’s movement. 

Even if a car thief will have all the latest jammers, he will come up empty. After all, the sensor will instantly fix the signal and completely block the car, having previously sent the “Save! Kidnapping attempt! Silence!” alarm to the Benish GPS control center.

  1. Implant relay with accelerometer. Due to the almost invisible installation and wireless connection with the car security system, this relay is close to impossible to find and disconnect. It looks just like one of the usual black wires in the car’s internal electrical network. 

The implant relay works like a regular relay but in the event of damage to the main unit it will autonomously (without power) continue to block the ignition of the car, completely immobilizing it. 


The next “floor” of Benish car security is Benish GUARD Force+.

What is the advantage of this system?

  1. The system is equipped with Benish Track, an autonomous tracking module.

Anything can happen in life, and if by some miracle the thief managed to turn off and steal the car, then it is time for Benish Track, an autonomous GPS vehicle search module.

Benish Track has its own autonomous battery and wireless connection to the car’s internal electrical network. Most of the time it “sleeps” (to be exact, 23 hours and 59 minutes a day), so it cannot be found with special devices.

Later, as soon as the jammer is turned off, Benish Track will immediately send the coordinates of the car’s location. 

Once a day (or more often), it “wakes up”, sends its coordinates to the car owner, and falls asleep again. If the message is sent once a day, the average lifetime of the beacon battery is up to 2 years. 

  1. The kit includes 2 contactless Bluetooth tags for more convenient use of the system.


The apex of the Benish car alarm line, or if describing as construction, our penthouse, is Benish GUARD Force Unlimited. Compared even with the premium Force+, it is like a villa in California on the ocean shore and a three-room apartment on Lypky in Kyiv.

  1. Its basis is the innovative F8000 central unit, 20 times more powerful than other Force configurations, thanks to GSM receivers and 2G/4G/LTE modems, which provide fast and reliable communication and maximum speed of data exchange both in Ukraine and abroad. Due to 4G this system catches the signal even when the connection is practically “failed”. 
  2. BenishTrack LTE, a self-contained 4G GPS vehicle search module, completes the configuration.
  3. And the final flourish of premium vehicle security is Road Assistance, full comprehensive support and assistance on the road: calling a tow truck + service station, if necessary, on-site tire fitting, replacement car, fuel delivery, transfer (if your car is not running and you need to get to the nearest town), etc.
  4. One more advantage: unlike other configurations, Force Unlimited includes roaming, so you don’t need to call the control center and report your travel abroad. 

The Benish GPS team offers its customers only the most reliable vehicle security systems that provide maximum protection for your car.

Our specialists will answer any questions you may have after reading the article. They will advise you on a proper vehicle security (taking into account the make, model, year of manufacture and technical capabilities. For example, some cars can be equipped with an autostarter, while another cannot).

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benish satelite vehicle alarms differences and the right choice

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