Satellite security system Benish GUARD Force+


A limited edition of the Benish GUARD Force+ anti-jamming satellite system with a device for autonomous tracking of the location of a car Benish Track.

The package includes:

  • BG 0.7 central unit
  • GUARDBlocker jamming gauge
  • implant relays with accelerometer
  • siren
  • contactless Driver Cards Bluetooth-marks
  • SpaсeGUARD car perimeter security gauges
  • OutGUARD 3D control of impact, tilt and movement
  • HelpControl alarm button 

The most reliable protection for all types of transport.

Benish GUARD Force+ is a sensationally attractive combination of a unique satellite security complex and a hidden vehicle tracking system! But note that this is a special edition, so the number of sets is very limited.

The cost of this product is calculated individually. Leave a request and we will choose the best solution for you.
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Useful documents

We have prepared useful instructions for you about the satellite security system. How to join Benish GUARD , how to use the system and the mobile app—this and much more you will learn from the «“Useful documents”»

If you still have questions, the answers to them can be found in the FAQ section. FAQ section.

Technical specifications
  • 3 year warranty
  • Possibility of additional equipment - yes
  • Proximity tag support - yes
  • Bluetooth tags included - yes
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Our partnership with Benish GPS will allow us to work together to make car insurance services more accessible and comfortable for customers. You can be sure of the safety and safety of your own car!
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CarSafety subscription





Force light



Force Insurance

Force Unlimited

1500 USD
GUARDBlocker: counteraction to attempts at hijacking using jammers
8 levels of protection
Authorization by standard buttons
Driver identification using Driver Cards Bluetooth-marks (included)
Using a smartphone for authorization
Completely concealed security installation
RemoteLocker autonomous locking system
Flexible settings for the individual needs of the car owner
Intact interior aesthetics
3D OutGUARD detection of impact, tilt, and movement
Response to the movement of a car with the ignition off
Autostart and CAN engine blocking
Remote climate control
SpaceGUARD car perimeter security
Keyless entry system lock
Car ignition control
The National Police
Remote control via mobile app
Autostart of the engine for recharging the battery
Autonomous car heater control
Blocking the car movement
Determining the car location and the report on its movement
Controlling the security mode, using a standard key fob
Remote control via digital CAN or LIN buses
Bluetooth 5.2 RF signal protection
Data transmission from second to second
Emergency offline vehicle tracking
Advanced monitoring capabilities (history of movements, duration of a stop/length of a halt)
Emergency communication with the DC operator, using HelpControl
The equipment warranty is 3 years
Low Battery Alerts
Remote enable/disable audible alarm
Enabling/disabling the “Service” mode (Service station, carwash)
Stable high-speed connection in all available communication formats 2G/4G/LTE
Autonomous GPS vehicle search module BenishTrack
Concierge service
Included roaming package
Extended temperature range of the system operation from -40°C to +85°С
24/7 Dispatch Center support and assistance in emergency situations
Service of the system abroad
Driver identification by entering a personal code on the keyboard
Blocking the keypad and notifying the Dispatcher Center after 5 incorrect attempts to enter the PIN-code
Online monitoring of the vehicle and system status via the website
Mobile app for remote control
Enabling/disabling the “Service” mode
Emergency communication with the DC operator, using HelpControl
InsideGUARD 3D scanning of the interior volume
Function WindowProtect
Automatic roaming activation
Contactless Driver Cards included
InsideGUARD 3D volume scan with WindowProtect function
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What does it react to:           
Communication jammer identification
Opening the car
Loss of connection
Reducing the voltage in the on-board network
Pressing the alarm button
Driving with the ignition off (evacuation)
Disabling the security system
Bumping the car body, tilt, and towing
Fixing an accident
Pressing the brake pedal
Service mode
Entering the programming mode (protection against hacker interference)
System service abroad without additional activation
The personal code of the car owner is not entered or the mark is missing
Unauthorized ignition on
Pressing the alarm button
Signals from the system while abroad
Moving the vehicle with the ignition off
Disconnecting the battery
Extruding or breaking glass
Extraneous movement in the car